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Got my zard on...

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I have two initial observations (haven't ridden it yet):

1: Looks BADA$$, I dig the way it cleans up the rear, it looks even better in person. I makes the bike look lighter, more simple, I like!!!

2: It sounds kinda funny to me, I may just be used to the 'Flames, but it is definitely more "metallic" sounding. It sounds kinda like the exhaust gases are slapping the air when it comes out. And it is LOUD!!! Louder than my 'Flames were.
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Yeah the sound is definitely different! And it's loud even with the baffle in. Can't wait to get the baffle out! ;D
Its not hard to get the baffle out Premier, drill that little spot weld after taking out the snap ring. If you need snap ring pliers, Napa has a pair for like 16 bucks that are thin enough to get down in there.
premie, that shit sounds like a baby whimper with the baffle in. Pull that shit out and listen to the music. ;D
...Welcome to the club of the magic flutes!!!

congrats on the new pipe! post some photos man
Pretty soon you'll get used to the sound. Then you'd want somefink louder....... :devil:
hey, hope you were far far away from the tornado
Tornados don't scare me, I like to sit on the deck and watch them tear things up, its crazy. But yeah I didn't even know there was a tornado, until people asked me if I was okay. It was a LONG way from me. Tornados can be like 1 mile away and have NO wind where you are, they kinda have to run over things to really fuck them up. Tornados are fun to sit and watch in person, I have seen two in person, both only about a mile away. And yes, if they get close, I will go inside.

OT: Living in a place with very mild weather, I find extreme weather conditions exciting. It might be different if I lived in place where storms etc actually kill people :)
GREAT tornado video:

I saw that on the local news, and it is the best 'nader vid I have seen yet! Good post Dev. No video is nearly as cool as seeing them in person. I sat on a friends deck drinkin a beer, and watched as a tornado tore up the city about a mile from me, even saw a car fly over an apartment building! Happened about 4 or 5 years ago, here in Lawrence. Awesome stuff. Seriously though, having lived here my whole life, I am more scared of my bike than a tornado. Its amazing how an entire city can be leveled, and there will be only 10 deaths. I noticed when I started traveling, that basements are rare elsewhere. Almost EVERY house around here has a basement.
I have a storm room in my split level home. It is reinforced concrete, and has power from a generator, a bed, and a TV and radio - and a few storm supplies for a couple of days. Tornadoes are no joke, even here in Alabama. We have only had three F5's in recent memory, but even an F3 can be dangerous.

It is harder to watch them here - too many hills and trees. Not like when I lived in OKC, where you could stand on a high spot and nearly see the Gulf. ;)
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