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Greasing up the rear end...

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Wow. I had some time to spend in the garage the last couple of days and I decided it was time to take apart the suspension linkage (factory fresh - 7 years ago), clean it up and regrease everything. I had been told that it would make a big difference in the way it feels, but I had no idea how much!

I picked up a few Pit Bull stands to make working on the bike easier and this was the first time I got to use the jack stands. They rule. The front stand is the shit. I can actually remove the front end now. Anyway, I got it up on the stands, pulled the wheel, supported the swingarm and pulled all the suspension linkage. Got it all cleaned up, regreased, reassembled and torqued. I also took the time to pull the full exhaust, replace the exhaust gaskets and wrap the headers in heat wrap. Replaced the rear brake pads, flushed & bled all the brake lines, etc. To me, doing this stuff is almost as fun as riding.

I still can't believe how much smoother my suspension rides. I also must have had an exhaust leak that I didn't know about. The bike is much quieter up front - more volume out the end of the pipe now. It also has a noticable power increase. I guess that could all be the header wrap, but I can't say for sure. The wrap looks cool though.
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Hawk said:
To me, doing this stuff is almost as fun as riding.
Thats exactly how I feel while doing the fork swap and other mods on my bike. I might have to do this rebuild to my own bike before I move down to Texas for grad school. My bike is going to be my primary mode of transport down there so I'm trying to get all my mods out of the way this year so I won't have to worry about it when I'm eating Ramen and can't afford goodies for a year and a half unless the wifey decides to suprise me.
I'm on board with the fork swap. I'm searching for a set of forks right now. According to Steve @ Racecomp, all I need for my '99 is an 03/04 set of forks with the lower triple. He said that his spacer kit & top clamp will complete the swap. You found a gem on eBay for your project. There's a lot more of the 05/06 forks & triples floating around these days...
I agree guys, working on them is half the fun.
Tracker, your garage tells the tale. Holy crap I'd love to have something even remotely close to that in my future.

Yeah, I'd been occasionally searching on ebay for forks for the last year since I first saw photos of a USD fork'd S3 and totally lucked out finding the front end for $550 complete. They usually go for anywhere from $600-1000 from the reliable sources. Anywhere else and you're gambling that the person didn't bend a fork and just took bad photos that look good. Make sure you use paypal to buy the parts and shy away from anyone who doesn't accept paypal at least as an option.

Hey, what all parts were involved with servicing the rear end and did you go ahead and replace the cush drive rubbers while you were at it?
I didn't replace anything. I just took the shock linkage apart and greased it up. I don't have any 'clunk' from the cush drive, so I'm going to leave it alone until I feel like it needs servicing.
The title of this post sounds really sus. ;D
Hey Kuhkla, I still have my original Craftsmen 1/2 drive socket set ( from about 1968 ) and got the rest of the stuff along the way. My approach----if I could learn how to do the job
and could do it with the correct tool,it was worth buying the tool if i could in away way afford to. Wanta have a contest---who has the best drawers of tools----you first----
maybe you should start a new thread--------I don't think we want to be heavily associated
with the "greasing the rear end" post :eek:

Lol, my tool collection is miniscule by comparison being that I'm only 25 just yet. However, my father has a fairly decent selection of tools I use when I can't afford it myself. I've already told my brother I want the tools when dad passes. He's got some stuff from WW2, old genuine Triumph tools, etc. Awesome garage for projects, but unheated, no AC, and dirty. I've definitely got a VERY clear idea of what I want my house and garage to look like at this point.

Hawk, I should be able to get the service parts list from the manual or the dealership. So you didn't take the swingarm off and do any bearings or anything?
That reminds me of situation a couple of months ago when a 72 year old guy ( who had 2 heart attacks earlier in the year) was at home. we are good friends with the couple.
He was Air Force flying B-52 and F-4 phantoms. Anyway, we saw the Emergency truck
parked close to his house, so we walked the couple of doors down. His wife who was in front of the house said that it wasn't him this time but the guy next door. then he came walking out of the house and i said that the only reason i came over was that i thought that he had finally kicked the bucket and i wanted first choice of the tools :D :D :D ;D
Over the last few years I've been buying the 'right tool for the job' as the need arises. It's pretty amazing how many of them there are. My garage has filled up pretty quickly. I've definitely got dibbs on my Dad's toolset. I need to drive out there and pick up a bunch of stuff he doesn't use anymore. He's already given me his drill press from the old (WW2) Boeing factory - I just need to get it.
Since I don't have any kids,I am not telling you guys where I live. I can just imagine you vultures circling now!!!
Too late Tracker - The site logs your IP Address - Maybe if we offer a 50/50 split, the mod will give it to us and then we can find out where you live. ;) Isn't technology wonderful!?!? ;D
Just before I die, I am putting yellow calf poo in all the tool drawers ::)
Tracker said:
Just before I die, I am putting yellow calf poo in all the tool drawers ::)
sounds like they're gonna be mine!!! ;D Thanks Tracker!!!
Tracker said:
Just before I die, I am putting yellow calf poo in all the tool drawers ::)
Nothing a little hot water and OdoBan won't take care of.
You guys are true bottom feeders 8) 8) 8) 8)
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