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Green is back for 2007

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Looks like Blue and Yellow are gone though. I don't dislike the exhaust cover either. Have to see it up close to be sure.

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I can dig the green. For one thing, the roulette green looks waaaaay better in person than any pics on the internet! Kinda like scorched yeller! ;D I would love to see a 1050 in roulette green in person!
I would not have guessed that Roulette Green would have been the new color. My money would have been on Tornado Red or Graphite - shows what I know! :D

CB it right, It does look different in bright light:
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cheapbastard said:
the roulette green looks waaaaay better in person than any pics on the internet
True. It doesn't photograph well at all. It gets a yellow cast to it. So does my Fireball Orange paint if I take the picture in direct sunlight or with a flash.
what's even worse is trying to find gear to match it. don't want all black either cause it's like instant death here in phoenix. very glad to see the color back though!!
tis booger green.... ;D

why bother everyone knows black is fastest.. ;)
Why does it always have to be that oddball green? Why not centenary or aqua or something else?
I own a roulette green S3 2003 and I love the colour. It's even cooler with that black frame!
But in answer to your question Kuhlka, my theory is that the green has special meaning to the brits with regards to scurvy. So the lime colour might make a lot of sense. It's very british.
every bugger and his aunt rides black bikes cos it makes them look mean!!!, My roulette green S3 makes me stand out from the wannabe crowd and looks cool everywhere I go and everywhere I park up.

Roulette green rocks ;D
I was hoping that it would come out in Graphite this year - would've looked sweet!

I know that the '07s are barely out yet, but given Triumph's track record of updating every three years, it looks like there will be some re-design coming in '08... Any rumors floating around yet?
There is not much to painto so any color is available.
Yeah, I get the whole Limey reference, but I'm considering a buyer popularity standpoint. I'd be interested in seeing sales numbers of the different colors to see how each faires.
My understanding is that in 2005, 50% more Speed Triples were made in black than the other two colors combined. Local dealers were fighting to get Black bikes, and settled for what they could get.

I would bet that colors built have very little to do with orders from dealers. You pays your money, and you gets what we send you.

I looked at all three colors - I bought Scorched Yellow with plans to repaint it.
The dealer I bought mine from said that white sold like hot-cakes.

I got (supposedly) the last white one in the U.S. warehouse for the 2006 model year. (No, I didn't believe it either)
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