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Greetings from Saskatoon, SK!

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Heya, living way up here in the land of the 6 month riding season, AKA Saskatchewan Canada. Got me an '07 S3 and I'm loving it. Any other saskies out here?
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Hi tripping, I'm a long way from Canada but do enjoy a 12 month riding season. Which color? I'm guessing green.
Welcome to the playground of the demented! :wave:
and a big howdy from the cheapster. :wave: You have now been sucked in, it only takes one post, and one twist of the throttle, and yer hooked, and that damn smile will never go away! ;D
:wave: Welcome! :wave:
That bike must be really cold, it's tires are all nippley!! :twofinger:
It's black actually. Had a blue one before, loved that color. Oh well, Black goes better with carbon fiber anyway ;D

And I do know of ONE person who rides 365.

Only in Saskatchewan, dudes!
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that's one awesome wheelie pic tripping. :smitty: ;D
Just to clarify, that ain't me, just a guy I know
Red Tiger Racing
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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