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GSG Brake fluid reservoir - Fitting help

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I just received a GSG brake fluid reservoir. Has anyone else fitted one of these (the one that fits directly to the MC? The instructions are in German and the pictures are almost illegible, so any help would be appreciated


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Hey Jonty.

I'll try to help and hopefully post some photo that help.

Some guys here use Turkey basters to remove brake fluid.
I like to use a 100ml syringe [available at any chemist] with a piece of tube on the end.
If you remove the tupperware container and rubber hose you will see a rubber grommet which covers the top of the MC.

This will come off over the "L" shaped black plastic connector.

Then you need to remove the circlip which holds the conector into the MC.

The connector then comes out, your new kit goes in.

With my Rizzoma modification I put the SS connector in then the circlip then the grommet then put the reservoir on.

The photos are from the dry run before all the metal dust was cleaned off and look reallydirty[insert ashamed face here]
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Thanks mate, it's still stage 1.

It's a bit rough around the thread cutting on the res. connection.

Stage 2 is coming now that my machinist is back from holidays.

I don't need the pics, but I'm loking forward to seeing them. ;D

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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