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GSXR1k Front End Swap

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I've got the forks picked out. I'm going to temporarily just tap the top triple for my existing risers, then in the meantime have a buddy make a beefy streetfighter top triple for it. Gonna order the Racecomp kit asap but may have to wait a week for more cash. Then, all I should need is some tapered bearings for the steering stem!
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We will NEED pictures fast. I love it when guys start doing non-standard stuff 8)
so that means your gonna have some leftover front forks eh?

Yes, I'm phishin for em.
I'd be more than happy to sell my old front end for a 'fair' price as long as the swap goes nice and clean. The only problems with my current front end is that it needs new springs and fluid, and the calipers probably need to at least be taken apart and cleaned, if not a rebuild kit after 15,000 miles of hard riding. My steering stem bearings are fine though. Haven't experienced any head shake or clonking. I didn't slam the front end down much at all when doing wheelies.

Its definitely not what it used to be though. It'd make an excellent replacement set with a good rebuild. They're straight and clean.

I'll have photos of the front and when it arrives. Should be here by the end of the week if they shipped it today or tomorrow via UPS ground from Texas. Don't think I'll be doing trackdays for a few months. Autumn will probably get a little pissed off if/when she finds out about the money, even though I'll do this swap for a steal compared to OEM prices.

Cost so far, GSXR1k5 front end (triples, stem, calipers, forks, axle) $550.

Next, spacer kit $220 Aussie ($150ish US) and whatever it costs my buddy to rip out a handlebar top triple.

Cost of better suspension, handling, and safe brakes?!? ---- Priceless.
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Well it seems I'll need to either get the fork leg lower machined to fit the front wheel speedo sensor. Otherwise, the forks will fit up just fine with minor modifications. I'll need lock stops either installed on the existing lower, or have my buddy just make a new set of triples completely which include lock stops. Being that the stock bits are probably just castings, I'm thinking the billet machined look will do the trick, and my buddy said he could do the triples for under $500. So, all I need from Racecomp is the lower spacer kit and steering bearings to save time.
Here is what the bike will look like after the swap, minus the bright orange wheels of course. I'm thinking I'll paint them blood red with polished lips or just flat black.

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I love this quote from 'Paul the Bastard' on;

"That conversion looks the dogs bollox only problem would be obtaining a set as GSXR`s rarely have a habit of crashing into things backward..."
Got the front end in the mail today and it is BEAUTIFUL! The fork legs are the darker golden brown so they aren't that BLING gold of the new S3. Plus the lowers and the calipers are blacked out so it'll look pretty sweet overall.

Anyway, I tried the K5 axle on my spare wheel and it fit it perfectly! SO, I need to either get a custom spacer set from Racecomp OR have a buddy machine down the GSXR axle to fit the speedo on the left side and a spacer for the right, or have him make a custom axle.

Then, I need the steering bearings (stock Triumph lower, GSXR top), caliper spacers, bolts, lock stops for the lower triple, and a custom top triple for handlebars unless I want to just go with clip-ons. Clip-ons kill my back though so that'll be a last resort.

More updates as I get pics and do the work. Its gonna look awesome when its all done.
Oh boy, this is going to be cool!!
Got my new set of pazzo levers from CTS Moto, so I'm going to be putting my Nissin 5/8" MC and levers up for sale. Will post pics and place an ad on here as well as TriumphRAT after I get my radial master cylinder in the mail and installed sometime this week.

Also recieved my titanium caliper bolts from Titanium Performance.
damn dude.. sounds hot..... definatly keep all posted.... and to be honest it doesnt sound all that expensive. for a major upgrade... youll have to get us a part list and prices..
Sold the previous set of levers and 5/8mc.

Found out the wheel that fit the GSXR axle is a T595/509 wheel, which has a different axle size than my 03 wheel. SO;

-I ordered the lower spacer kit from Racecomp.

-ordered an ABM handlebar top triple from for $300ish USD! (normally $500 USD for LSL here in the states...)

-ordered a set of Braking Wave Rotors from PJ's Parts. Got an awesome deal on those! I'll be buying stuff from them in the future for sure.

Meeting with my local machinist buddy this saturday to work on the lower triple and miscellaneous other bits for the bike like those SAI block-off plates...

Hoping to have this swap completed next week when all the parts arrive! I'll take photos of the parts and list out where to buy and general price ranges.
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I can't stand the wait!!!!!
Jeez Kuhlka, are you leaving anything original on that bike, can't wait till you get the supercharger!!!!!
Yeah, the frame, swingarm, tank (unless I go CF), motor, wheels (unless I get aftermarket down the road). Its definitely going to be show-bike level modded. Might shoot for some magazines once I get the turbo and an undertail exhaust fabbed up.

Looks like a Racecomp turbo is actually going to be the most cost-effective. I'm just hoping I will be able to use Tuneboy instead of slapping on a PCIII and other stuff. I don't need to have adjustable boost or anything, just dial it in to a good bump up in performance and leave it at that.
Lock stop made custom and 2mm machined off speedo-side fork leg by my buddy Bob. Definitely going back to him for more one-off stuff. He's holding my Triumph triples to take measurements then later make me a custom triple tree from scratch. We're thinking about making all the parts and offer them in a kit so that all S3/Daytona 955 people would need is the fork legs, calipers, and bearings to do the swap.
Excellant,as soon as the CheapBastard sends me the money ;D
Got my ABM top triple. Funny that it came with a sheet that looked like a CNC drawing so now my machinist buddy can really easily make his own version. Just have to make a spacer or some other modification to the triple to fit the ignition lock.

The rest of the parts are ordered and en route. Hoping they all arrive next week so I can have a buddy build my forks while I do the other bits.
Oh boy, this is going to be fun!!
I bet that bike with that front end is fun to drive when ready. I did love the front end feeling on my ex-gixxer. ,Also very mint looking!
Nice job
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