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Have I Gone Too Far

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A couple of years ago, I was finishing up a brake change from drums to discs on the
1963 Corvette. I decided to get some of my left over lines,powder coat them ( as I
already had the oven on) take a left over residual valve,an guage from an air tank,
and made up a fake nitrous system that I put on my 2004 Low Rider. It drove the
HD of Daytona sales guys NUTS as I parked in their lot but would not thell anyone what
"it" was. In fact for a while I didn't tell them I owned the bike and I just stood there as
they tried to fine the nitrous tank!! When I told them it wasn't anything, they did not
believe me and I left with them watching me to see if i hit the "button".

I had much fun driving you guys NUTS.
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I figured it was fake. The bends were all weird (no flow with the bike) and one pipe just stopped in the middle of nowhere with no connection! Lol. Good one though. It'll keep the guys thinking for a while still I bet.
Tracker, I thought you were waaaaay too old to try that stuff out on the speedy! ;D You suck though, had me fooled for a minute. Then I got to think'n, oh yeah, this is Tracker were dealing with. ;)
S3_Captain said:
Please rename yourself "OldTrackerBastard".
hell no, then everyone will think that's my dad! Or grandpa. ;D
I told you he was just screwing with us. ;)
Hat's off to ya. That'll go down as a classic thread.
Pretty good, should have done it on Aprils fools though....
thanks folks. April fools would have been too easy, I think. Maybe we will get some new
guys coming over to take a look at this forum.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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