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Header Mod

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I have a Zard slip on that due here this week and I'm debating on doing the header mod while I have it apart. First will the Tore's tune cover the slip on and the opened up pipe? Second will I get an O2 code because the precat is removed? If Tune boy is the answer I'll just hold off doing the header till I get one. Thanks
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No, as far as I can tell, the ECU isn't smart enough to give a CEL due to O2 sensor readings with the header mods.

I would not suggest doing the header mods without tuning better than the TORS tune. If you look at TighTL's dyno graph on the is site, you will see that he is dangerously lean in the midrange using the TORS tune. The TORS tune does NOT have enough fuel in this area, IMHO, let alone when you improve airflow throught the engine with header work.

I suggest tuneboy or a custom tune with a PCIII.
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