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For some reason my headlights started acting strange, when I'd try to turn on the high beams or use the pass/flash button, I'd have to hit the button/switch 3-7 times before it would actually work. I assumed the switch contacts might be dirty or worn so I took apart the switch and cleaned everything up, sanded the contacts, etc. but it made no difference. I tried jumping the contacts with a piece of wire, no change. I could hear the relay making a faint click noise, but wondered if the relay was actually working properly. I swapped out the relay from one in my car, and now the high beam switch works flawlessly.

I don't think I've seen anyone have issues with the headlight high or low beams, but I thought I'd make this post for future reference in case anyone has their high beams working intermittently, not working at all, or only working sometimes. Even if you can hear the relay making a sound, try swapping it out for a known good relay and see if it works. Also I think I need to start taking more photos when I fix stuff so I can potentially help out others in the future.
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