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You need to be able to lift the front of the bike so no load is on the forks to be able to check the headstock bearing adjustment. It it is loose here is the adjustment procedure.

Per the manual:

1. Raise and support the front of the motorcycle.
2. Slacken the top yoke clamp bolts.
3. Slacken the headstock top nut.
4. Ease the top yoke and handlebars from the forks and support while detached.
5. Adjust the bearing free-play as follows, all using tool T3880024
* Remove the locknut and tab washer. Slacken the adjuster nut then tighten to 40 Nm.
* Slacken the adjuster nut, then retighten to 15 Nm.
* Fit the tab washer and adjuster nut.
* Hold the adjuster nut in position while tightening the locknut to 40 Nm.
6. Refit the top yoke/handlebar assembly to the forks.
7. Tighten the top nut to 90 Nm.
8. Tighten the top yoke clamp bolts to 20 Nm.
9. Recheck the bearing adjustment
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