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Hello from Memphis TN. Former gixxer1k rider.
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what are you riding now?
Welcome to Gixxers anonymous. ;)
Devious2xs said:
Welcome to Gixxers anonymous. ;)
joehar said:
Hello from Memphis TN. Former gixxer1k rider.
We don't take kindly to yer kind around here, especially with all that gixxer1k talk. J/K welcome aboard man!
i have a new black speedy on order.Picking it up next Saturday from Wayne at Capital in Jackson MS. Sure hope i am happy with it.Will be my first naked bike.I really love the looks and the bike overall.I have only seen one in town which is a big reason i am trading my 06 1k.
joehar said:
i Sure hope i am happy with it.
If you're not happy mod it, if that doesn't work, you're beyond help.

Ask anyone here Speedy's gonna make you grin so big you'll think you're a south park canadian!
to be honest.the gixxer is just to much for my riding style.i guess i am getting wise. 41 years.
and a great big howdy from the cheapster. :wave:
Oh well, my bike has not arrived at the dealer yet.Wayne said sometime this week.Man I sure hate waiting but i guess it will make it all the sweeter when i finally pick it up.Gotta go.Duty calls
Hey Joe, Talk J-Pip out of selling his S3 for a Gixxer 1000, he is confused. Ohh and Welcome
well i cannot say for sure that i love the speedy.until i ride it.i do know that i like the idea of riding something different than everyone else around my area rides. i have had 4 gixxers over the years and loved them all. just ready for something else. with no plastic!! now if work will co op and let me get away to go pick it up before the weekend. i am ready!!
;D Well , finally picked up my new triple today. Gonna ride some tomorrow. Wayne at Capitol in Jackson MS. is a great dealer! I am very happy!
Time for a quick trip around the reservoir! just watch the reservoir patrol, and I don't mean the frog cops. I mean out near where The Dock USED to be. ;D
;D Well, I love this bike! Rode 200 miles today. Sweetest powerband of any bike I have owned. My brother asked me if I missed my gixxer. Not even for a second. He rides a ZRX 1200 which is a sweet bike as well. Thanks for all the info on this site. It really helped my decision to purchase this bike. Joe
Hi Joe! Welcome! Hope you love your S3

--LC :wave:
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