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Here's mine

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Made in November 2003, first registered in Feb 2004. I bought it in August 2005. I'm still not sure about the silver colour, but I don't see much of it when I'm riding.

Flyscreen was already fitted.

I changed the OE exhaust for a QuillT3, it's UK road legal but still growls when you get over 4k.

Triumph hugger, keeps the road crap off the shock - but not the linkages :(

Handlebars are CB250 copies, 26" wide. I like to be able to fit between lines of traffic, and found the OE bars were too wide, as were the Renthal ultra lows I also tried.

5/8 master cylinder. £10 off ebay, originally fitted to a Suzuku TL1000. I now have nice firm brakes. I also changed the brake lines at the same time, one line from the master cylinder to each caliper.

Still to do...

Front forks need sorting, new springs and a revalve should do the job.

Uprated rear shock, Ohlins or WP have both impressed me in the past. Does anyone have any other recommendations.

I'm not into bling, so rad covers and fluid reservoirs and suchlike are not going to find their way onto my bike...and I'm too tight to buy them anyway.
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Very nice. I am also an owner of a silver one. I like it. Then again I like all S3's. I'm silly like that. I am looking to trade out my front master cylinder too but am looking to get rid of the Tupperware on top. A Nissan 5/8 with reservoir is what I am told will work so I'm gonna see about that swap. Nice scoot.
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