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hey you crg lane splitters people

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do you have both or just one? any opinions from the people who have them on if you need both?
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I have both - more for redundancy than anything else originally but I have a HUGE area of visibility with two. I'd recommend it.
I have both, but I haven't ridden it enough to make any judgments. I bought both because I figured with only one, my neurosis would kick in and I'd be looking over the other shoulder anyway. ;D
Both, but the field of view is big enough with the convex mirror you could easily get by with one. The only problem with the convex mirror is anything very far back looks tiny.
I vote for both - just takes some getting used to - "objects in mirror are closer than they appear" and all that.
One, but I come from the old one mirror HD crowd originally. Besides anything behind me is only going to get smaller and further away.  'specially if it yeller! :horse:
One. I don't like it. I'm going to buy another one for the other side.
then two it shall be. i swore i was gonna stop spending money, but if i get the insurance check, which i find out tomorrow ill be getting them.
Where you getting them from?

one, because one is cheaper than two. I have it on the left....does having only one mirror make me a :squid:
I just put on a pair of CRGs last weekend and I think a single mirror would have been enough. The field of vision is so wide that the second mirror is redundant.
Having both mirrors has saved my butt a few times. :wave:
I don't trust others enough to use just one. And I use both of them regularly.

Two CRG-LS for me.
figured id just get em from newspeed3
Mirrors just tell me how much faster I gotta go IE cop behind me comming up fast..what a jerkoff!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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