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i am in the process of getting a speed triple and have poked around the site and love it
currently i ride a 06 busa ltd and a 07 gsxr750 going to trade the busa

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well mike called me today and all the financing went thru smoothly hehehe
so my bike is enroute from atlanta and should be here by friday or even better saturday
we are having a big bike wash and grand openeing there then and it would be real great to pick up my new triple at the same time

i know kid in the candy store hehehehe :wave:

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actualy i am able to use most of it
it too is a wheelie monster and i love it for what it is
it's that i want something else and the triple stirred me truly i see myself in ten years on the same bike
i could not say that before
between my wife and me in the last 5 years we have had 9 bikes
03 F4i - me
03 954 -me
03 sv650 -her
05 gsxr 600- her
05 1000rr -me
05 hayabusa -her
06 hayabusa- me
07 gsxr750 -her
and now an 07 roulette green speed triple -me
and she wants to add an 07 busa to her 750

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Congratulations! I'm nearly going mad waiting. I'm getting seriously close to giving up on saving and just buy the damn thing. Or sell my car maybe....

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