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Hi, Brand New Triple Owner Saying Hello!

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Hi, my name is Brad. I have been lurking for a while now, and since I have just bought myself a new (to me) 2005 Speed Triple in scorched yellow, I should come out as it were and make myself known. I have been looking for a bike for some time that suits my personality, and this hooligan bike is a perfect fit.

I have found out lots of great information about the bike from this site and I am looking forward to getting to know you all.

I,m 29 years of age, I live in West Hollywood and I share a house with a buddy of mine. My last bike was a harley Sportster. It was not a good bike for me and it attracted all sorts of undesirable attention. I guess I am not the outlaw type. My house mate filmed some video of me when I first got the bike and he was laughing at me and trying to make me look foolish and then posted the vids on Youtube. Boy was that embarrassing, I hope none of you have seen them. He is such an idiot.

I sold the sportster on ebay two or three months ago, and I accidentally stumbled on this site after seeing a Speed Triple for sale. I fell in love with it and after reading almost every post on this site desided this was the bike for me. And I agree with Cheap.....yellow is definitely fastest.

I intend to do lots of journeys on this bike so I hope it is suitable for long days in the saddle. This bike is so much fun to ride and it makes me want to cut loose. I hope that I don't end up in the same sort of trouble as Ranger32 (in his wheelie=busted thread)
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Welcome cheap junior :drink: ;D
:shocker: :wtf: please tell me this is a joke! :slap:
welcome aboard! 8)
[video=youtube;UpOBgvHmqf4]]bad boy brad's sweet harley[/video]

welcome limey...i mean brad :bs: :devil::bs: :devil::bs: :devil::bs: :devil::bs: :devil::bs: :devil::bs: :devil::bs: :devil::bs: :devil::bs: :devil::bs: :devil::bs: :devil::bs: :devil::bs: :devil::bs: :devil::bs: :devil::bs: :devil::bs: :devil::bs: :devil::bs: :devil:
Oh no...those stupid videos are following me I am sure of it. My house mate should not have posted them, especially the one that he helped me make for the singles site.

Please don't be hasty and judge me by what you see there.

I have posted a picture of my new scorched yellow speed triple in the gallery but it has not been accepted yet. I'm afraid that the picture might be too small. I will post it up in this thread when it is accepted. I am so proud of this bike. In the sunlight the paintwork looks magnificent.

By the way, how long does it take to get the picture accepted?
just host it on photobucket :d: :blah: :blah:
LOL. The great thing about this board is that even the trolls are entertaining ;D
So have you found yourself yet? ;D

I'm sure you'll find Cheapbastard has much in common with you Brad - maybe you guys can be on each others' "buddy lists" on MySpace...
kartstar said:
So have you found yourself yet? ;D

I'm sure you'll find Cheapbastard has much in common with you Brad - maybe you guys can be on each others' "buddy lists" on MySpace...
:finger: :slap: :finger:

:bs: :bs: :bs:

Welcome to the club :wave: and if you're the Brad you say you are, post a picture of yourself with Speedy. ;D
NO fucking way...... :wtf: :loser:
Hi Brad.

Sorry to hear you too suffer a mental deficit. At least they dealers can see you guys coming now days and stash the good colored bikes... :devil:
Here is a picture of my speed triple:

I know you guys are always giving Cheapbastard a bad time about the colour of his bike, but I love it. (I suspect that Cheap asks for all the ribbing). Dfib, I am assuming that comment about a mental deficit was a joke about the color of my bike ;D

I bought the bike with only 489 miles on it. I have done about 110 miles and it is nearly due for its first service. I went to a bike night at Hooters in Burbank last week, and I met a lot of really cool people, including a Honda mechanic who has volunteered to help me do the service myself. (He will probably do most of it as I am a total noob). What do you guys think? Will I void my warrantee. What oil should I use? The one recommended in the owners manual, is so expensive. Can you recommend an oil filter for me.

One guy I met at Hooters, he was riding a Suzuki GSXR1000, was laughing at my "chicken strips", but he would not tell me what he meant. Does anybody have any idea what he was talking about? He was dressed in the most garish set of leather clothing I have ever seen.

thanks to everyone for the welcome to the site, and thanks in advance for the answers to my questions.

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Brad, chicken strips are the areas of your tires that you ride on... the better you are, the wider they become.
ryanjfitz said:
Brad, chicken strips are the areas of your tires that you ride on... the better you are, the wider they become.
actually, chicken strips are the area that you don't ride on. :horse: The wider they are, the less hooligan you are. :loser:

Who am I kidding, if ya have chicken strips period, ya ain't no hooligan. :loser: Looks like bad boy brad is losing his bad boy image. :slap: :twofinger:
wow. Just watched that video. You CAN'T be fucking serious.... :gayaway: :gayaway: :gayaway: :gayaway: :gayaway: :gayaway: :gayaway: :gayaway: :gayaway: :gayaway:

And cheap- yeah yeah, you know what I meant :fingure:
Brad, you are doomed... :eek:wned:

And I sold my sporty to not be like you, now I have to get another bike...

:loser: :squid:

I think I will kill my housemate. I wish those videos would go away.

Cheapbastard, thank you for the explanation about the chicken strips. I had a look at the tires and the strips are about an inch wide. But they were left there by the previous owner.

Ryanfitz and StuckinKansas, I know those videos are awful but I don't think it is necessary to be so unkind. One of the things that I like about this site is that everybody treats each other so well.

Actually, the video we did for the singles site did result in me meeting some really nice women, although a couple of them were more interested in the bike than me.

What does this :loser: and this :squid: mean?
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