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Hi, I'm new!

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Hey guys, my name is Dave and I live in Texas. I just found your new forum and really like it. Nice look & feel and well organized.

I've been messin with bikes since they had square wheels and have had & raced a lot of Brit stuff, mainly Nortons, BSAs and Triumphs of course. My 2006 Speed Triple is my first Hinkley and I am really impressed! No problems at all so far except tickets and not enough money to do all the mods I want, as quickly as I want!

My present stable includes a 1973 Norton 850 Commando custom/hotrod, a 2001 BMW R1150R, a 2001 MZ 660 Black Panther street Super Motard and the Speedy.

Now I don't usually name my bikes as I think it's kinda hokie, but the S3 thing has such a strong, distinctive personality she was just begging for an appropriate, "Hoochie Mama!" it is.

I'll be monitoring & posting once in a while, mainly in the 1050 Speed Triple forum and I look forward to getting to know all of you, and the other newbies that are sure to come!

Here's a pic of Hoochie for you:

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Nice... Dave.. welcome... and, just stay off the laws most wanted, if you can.. ;D
Very nice indeed!

dissapointed Hoochie was a guy from texas! ;D never mind, at least you got the black one :D
limey said:
dissapointed Hoochie was a guy from texas! ;D never mind, at least you got the black one :D
I was a bit disappointed myself Limey! Twice, I was hoping for a chick, and another blasted black triple! :-\
Well you know they make more of the black ones....... something for the "common folks" 8)

As for the black "always bet on black"
Damn, even the spambots are dredgin' old threads now. :slap:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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