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How far will a tores tune take me

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I see a tuneboy in my future but not right now, so how much power can I get out of the Tore's tune I have loaded now. I have a Zard slip on and hit the dyno once but I was kinda disappointed with the 110hp it produced. Since then I have removed the baffle and it seems to have helped. I've read about the header mod and removing the SAI but should I wait for the tuneboy before I do those? I want to hit the dyno one more time before I get the tuneboy.
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TightTL mad 125 hp with the header mods and the TORS tune. But the midrange is very lean.

Both the stock and TORS tunes are lean in the midrange, if you add/do anything that will produce more power, the lean condition will be come worse.

With the Zard, you are likely a bit rich at low rpm.
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