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Comparing the 955i charts from TRX900 (well modified Daytona) and Kahulka (slightly modified Speed Triple), The Daytona engine looks to be a winner hands down. The low end torque TRX has developed is as good as the Speed Triple, and the power increases from there.

The stock 1050 engine is so under tuned in Speed Triple form, that it is hard to compare. Once opened up a little like myself and a few others have done, the low end torque is considerably greater than the 955i examples above.

If the power limit is the head flow and piston speed. The 1050 engine will make 150 rwhp (Dynojet) at a considerably lower rpm than TRX900's Daytona engine. But it will take a cam change to get there. I still feel the Daytona cams are too big for the 1050 engine and will move the peak power rpm too high. Someone needs to prove me wrong on this.

I am fairly certain that the stock 1050 cams can reach 145 hp. An additional 5-6 hp with a cam change looks to be poor bang for the buck. Without considerable head work, I'm not sure the 1050 can make much over 150 rwhp.

I Really need to get some flow numbers for the 1050 head and confirm that it is not much different than the Daytona head - despite the Triumph PR.

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At this point I'm thinking I'll either go with a turbo, or just buy a whole new bike if I want more power. Top contenders are the S4RS or a Triumph if they make a new big Daytona. I'd consider a 675 if someone develops a turbo or supercharger for it.
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