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So, If you have installed an aftermarket exhaust, and you have done the SAI delete or marble mod and popping persists, chances are you have an exhaust leak. A good way to tell the size of your exhaust leak is:

-Loud, sharp pops, with no flame visible at night: SMALL LEAK

-Burbly pops with visible flames: LARGE LEAK (your engine will always burble, its the flame that's an indicator)

Since the Beginning of time, Speed triples will experience headers coming loose at the exhaust ports. This may not affect the way your engine sounds, but it will introduce air into your exhaust. The simple solution to this is to retorque the header nuts. To do this without any tools you will need three tools:

1/2'' Pen-Drive socket (2)
13mm Socket (1,3,6,5)
13mm Open-ended wrench (4)

1 3 5
2 4 6

So using the -OO- symbol as a reference of looking your bike straight-on from the front, the bolts will appear staggered as the numbers are. These numbers correspond to the numbers in parentheses next to the aforementioned tools. Torque the nuts down to the German spec of "goodentight" then run the 12 minute tune and you'll be on your way.

If that doesn't do it, Check for leaks elsewhere in your system. This service should be performed at least every 5000mi and NEVER when the engine is hot. You will burn yourself and strip those precious bolts.l
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