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how to spend $500

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hey everyone. just got home with a brand new 2006 s3!!! i bought the fastest color.....white! i also have a credit for $500 what do you think i should get? damper tank bag seat cowl etc. i will be getting the zard full system so i dont need slip ons...........
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Congrats on the new bike!

Things that made the biggest difference:
Looks - custom tail tidy - several available.
Use - CRG bar end mirrors, Corbin seat.
Performance - exhaust and Tuneboy.
A bigger helmet. I had to go up two sizes because the smile on my face was so big.
Spend it on gas and ride that White beauty!!
Personally I would spend the money on a set of Carbon Fiber wheels from BST. I am ordering mine from, After mayeb the zard system and some better calipers.
I'd say the best bang for your buck would be the following;

-Pazzo Levers

-Corbin Seat

-Renthal handlebars (lbs lighter than stock)

-Crash bungs of any time (better to replace delrin than engine cases or a radiator)

-A good quality helmet and riding gear (makes riding much more comfortable/fun)

Everything else is just icing on the cake. I'm getting a set of Rizoma rearsets, Veypor goodies to add on to the unit, LED bar to replace the stock tach completely, and Hella headlights.
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Hey Kuhlka- are you getting rid of your stock rear brake pedal with the rearsets move?
And relatedly, an embarrassingly stupid question- can I bolt on Pazzo levers without changing everything out? (I'm as un-tech-savvy as one could be). Sorry if this is a thread-jack.

I'm guessing the rearsets are a complete swap, so I'd be willing to sell off the stock sets when the Rizomas arrive.

Pazzos are easy to install. Just remove your stock levers and use the stock hardware to install the new levers.
Thanks very much for the guidance. If there's a way to screw it up, I'll keep you posted. :-\
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