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I guess the 955i is cool after all

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Propably the coolest speedy I've ever seen :drink:
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Very good looking bike!  Looks like a Daytona conversion to me, but I cold be wrong.

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cool colour, proper hooligan bike.
...and Daytona Oil Cooler.
Dribble,dribble,that is one fn cool bike. :drink: :jerkoff:
Looks a lot like mine except they have the stock flyscreen and headlights.
That is friggen hot,now if only I could do than to mine :jerkoff: :jerkoff:
Wicked bike. Just need to lose that gay tail section.
i would like to hear that Tona motor on full scream with that stubby Arrow....that might be a replacement for the 2Brothers i just bought.
My favorite, and the blue speedy is just as nice.

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loose the bikini off the blue and id have it.
probably paint it black lustre too ;D :lh: :lh: :lh:

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