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I hate Triumph...

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...oil filters

so i need to change my oil...i got all the info i needed from this site(thanks everyone) and got all the shit i need...k&n filter and motul...i drain the oil and head for the filter...fuck!!!!!!...that thing is torqued on like a mofo...after 15 min. of dickin around with the filter wrench i succumb to my temper and...

get my drill out!...i drilled a big fuckin hole in the filter

then i jam a bit it in and twist

POS 0 dirt 1

i got a new K&N and it has a nice little nut on the end of it to get it back on and tighten her down (thanks Bill)
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Got the motul waitin in the garage but i went with the purolator-pure one pl14610 which is 3/4 inch longer than the pl14612, same filter just longer. Doesnt hang below header collector pipe so should'nt be a problem.

Guys down the road have a new shop, mostly dirt bikes and quads but they have other stuff as well. I believe in stayin local if i can and helpin the small business owner. They really pissed me off, i gave them two weeks to get the stuff i ordered. They assured me it would only take two days. I go in to get my stuff, they only got half of it in and did'nt seem to worried about the rest so fuck em, i wont go back. I just dont want to drive 80 miles to Triumph.
I get my stuff at cycle gear
L :laugh: L ............. :squid:
Lol, good luck with the K&N, Dirt. I just did an oil change last month and the stupid POS K&N nut rounded off and I had to stab a screwdriver through mine to spin it off like you did.
I just changed mine again, I kept with the Mobile 1 R4T, but went with a Mobile 1 Filter, I was told it was better than the K&N. It looked like it'd fow better.... I always hand tighten the filter, but it's always a bitch to get off. I use a pair of channel locks, fits in on the filter without hitting the oil pan.

I love how smooth the tranny is after an oil change.
What do they call it? Who makes it? Whered ya get it?
I also use the K&N oil filter I get from

I used a K&N also, but the nut they got tacked to the bottom is a piss-poor design. J-pip, where'd you get the Mobile1 filter at?
Most Autozones and Advance Auto stores carry K&N oil filters, and some Walmarts too. They are nearly the same filter - and very good quality.
I like that K & N drills that nut for safety wiring the filter. I drilled a hole through my oil drain plug, and safety-wired the two together.

I showed Dirt my set-up at the Thursday bike night, and when I put my hand on the filter, it came back black - there was oil on the bottom of my crankcase! The next day I checked it out - just a little chain lube (I guess I grease the shit out of it).

Will post pics of the bike night on the gallery ;D
Hit it with a fn hammer! :violent1: :violent1: :violent1: :violent1: :popcorn: mean a BFH..... :devil:
Guys I went to parts america and bought several oil filter wrenchs for about ten bucks. Worked like a charm. Sean
I checked the autozones and places around here in Plano and no one had the KN-191. I had to special order it from Cyclegear so I just went ahead and got 3.
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