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i think i wasnt meant to ride

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other than the fact that i love riding and everything about it. not to menchine how freekin sweet a speed triple looks at every angle, i think i am cursed!!! some may now my story. its a tragic tale. to sum it up i got my bike crashed it a month later, now about six months later i am still getting her back together. for the last almost two months i have been dealing with the gas tank. i bought it and it was out of stock than it came into stock and they sent me one. that took a month and a half, when i got it, it was mettel which was cool until i notices the fuel pump whole was about 2 inches two small. oh did i say that was the last part i needed before i could ride. anyway with an almost teary eye i went to sleep that night and have been dealing with this [email protected]# up ever since. so i found out today i can send her back but i will have to pay a 25% restocking fee!!!! 25% of 755.00 $. yeah so being a 19 and having no money this is more than i want to pay. anyway just wanted to share my sorrows with you.
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Have one on me.....I'll buy..... :beer: :drink: :beer:
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