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Hi I'm a happy owner of speed triple 1050 2010.
I've crashed and smashed the ignition lock.
I bought new one from Triumph, it came with 3 keys, 2 normal and the 3rd one just the metal part.
I have replaced the old metal part of my key (the one with buttons and electronics inside) for the new metal part of key ,that match the ignition coil.
However, after checked kickstand sensor,clutch lever sensor,and neutral sensor, the "N" light, doesn't stay on dashboard and engine not turning.
There is no voltage on connection to fuel pump either.
I've been told that this new ignition lock has to be assign to immobilizer.
I take it to Triumph dealer, and after check, they told me that there is no fouls on ECU, and they can't fix my bike..
What to do ,how to fix it, maybe just obey this immobilizer, please advice, I'm desperated
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