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my speedy doesnt start first time everytime.

shes an 05 with 18k km on the clock. ive just had the plugs changed, and battery seems fine.

the electrical turning over is ok, but the engine doesnt like to kick over readily.

the problem occurs moreso when out on big rides in the middle of nowhere. kinda sucks when yer mates are halfway down the road and your still tryna get the thing to kick over...

any ideas?


Mines doing the same since the plug change. Not all the time but often enough to piss me off. never had a prob before. I'm gonna re check the plug gaps and the seal on the air filter.

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A several issues may be at play here.
You likely have a good bit of carbon in the cylinders and on the back of the valves - try running a couple of tanks with an engine cleaner added to the fuel - I use Gummout Regain.

Check the bottom of the spark plug wells for corrosion. If you have corrosion built up here, the spark plugs will not get a good ground, and will not fire well. This is most noticeable at start up and low rpm. A bit of corrosion reducing spray in the well and a brush can help.

Last is that the stock mapping (especially at start up) sucks. A bit of work with TuneBoy and it can start better than ever. The later 2007 models have better starting mapping, but still need a bit more to make them right.

My 2005 bike starts within 2 revolutions almost every time - hot or cold.

I hope this helps.
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