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Innit Wicked?!? Kyle Woods.

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I'd say after Kevin Carmichael, Kyle Woods is my favorite stunter.

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I would have to agree Kuhlka, he is definitely one of my faves!
Not quite sure how he's concentrating in that last pic! ;D Just plain sick!
Didn't he used to be a member of a stunt team??

I thought I saw it on TV a few years back...

Nice pics...
I'd love to be able to buy the device the OneWheel school uses...

So the speedy can do a stopie??? I'm just a chiken shit I guess....
Yeah, I've got Woods' "How to Wheelie" videos. I haven't gotten the bike to stoppie since swapping to the GSXR front end, but I've done 45 degree stoppies before without trouble. Just don't overdo the front brake...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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