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Insurance Rates

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No topic on this here it goes....

What is your insurance rate per year, who is it through, your state, and whats your coverage (roughly)....thanks all!! :horse: :horse: :drink:
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Hey Doc - What's yours? You started the thread... :popcorn:

For the record, I'm 38 - live in NJ...

Company: State Farm Insurance
Premium: $460 per year for my '06 Speed Triple
Coverage: $100K/300K/50K
Deductibles: $100 Comprehensive / $500 Collision

FYI - The premium for my '03 Speedmaster is $425/yr.
31yo in NJ

Rider Insurance Co
$660 - Full comprehensive / liability, $500 deductible
39 in VA
Full coverage minus medical 500 deductable
$550 year

by the way same coverage on my wife's 07 Suzuki boulevard 800
$150 year
hahaha...only quoted:

26 yo Florida
1K comp/1K coll


Man I hate Florida....

in PA, 1996 FZR600
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Just renewed with progressive. I live in Chicago. I paid $423 for they year for both bikes (the other one is a '77 CB750SS that only adds $50 to the total bill).

So the total is $333 for the S3 with a $500 deductible for comprehensive and collisison.

Oh, and I'm 36 and married.
Not bad.....

I also live in IL
29 single
AmFam told me
Company: AmFam
Premium: $600'ish per year for my '07 Speed Triple and Honda CB400F
Coverage: $100K/300K/50K
Deductibles: $1000 Comprehensive / $1000 Collision

I need to shop around I think...... :-\
I'm 31, currently single, was married
$500 Deductables

$230/yr - went up $50 after I wrecked last fall.

When I add the HD (same coverage) it goes up $110/yr. ;D
Damn D, what year is speedy......
06 - same as yours right???

1 accident on the record as of last year, 0 tickets.
no...I have an '07, but still......... :wtf:
No accidents or tickets
I'm using Progressive and live in Texas. I pay$625.00 for two bikes, but in Texas it varies in pricing depending on what county you live in.

-250.00 deduct. comp/coll.
APtech77 said:
no...I have an '07, but still......... :wtf:
No accidents or tickets
I wonder how much of the difference is IL compared to WI?

When I moved here from MN my insurance went down a bunch.
$525 a year for two bikes,from USAA, soon to be 40(DAMN) somewhat clean record. $500 deductible, shower daily (mostly) brush toofs three times a day, use deodorant, most the times have clean drawers / socks. etc.. they still seem to keep a brotha down.
2 guys are old
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Progressive Drive underwrites for USAA

33yrs old
married (divorce pending)
07 S3
$500 deduct
$430 / year
37 yrs old.
'06 s3
$500 deductible
$336 per year... this is 1/3 what i paid on my zx10 with the same company.
Am-Fam rules!

Progressive is nothing but a gang of thieves. :finger:
Sorry to dredge up an old thread but I just got a quote for a new 07 Speed Triple from my current company, Allstate, for $1249/yr (Houston, TX). This is with 500 deduct and no pip and I'm an old, married fart (40 years old). My record is spotless and this includes discounts for already having my cars, 2 other bikes and house with them.

Some of the online quote I got were about $1200/yr so I didn't think this was too out of line but after searching and finding this thread it sounds like Allstate might be bending me over.

This is why everytime I think about getting a new bike I don't get one because of the cost of insurance. Currently I'm getting 2 bikes (89 & 91 EX500 liability only) for about $140/yr. I know going up in displacement makes a big difference, but :poop:

I'm hoping that within the next month or so I'll be able to pull the trigger on a black 07.
GA, the biggest difference is full coverage. I have only liability on my speedy, and I pay about $110 a yr. ;D
I live in Austin and my rates through Foremost are like $500.00 a year full coverage.
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