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Is it a bird is it a plane?

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I've heard a lot of stories over the years about getting hit in the eyes or face with bugs. But I have never heard of a story of getting socked in the chest by a flying pigeon. I was riding through the Neptune beach area of Jacksonville and I saw him coming out the corner of my attempting to beat the oncoming traffic and make it safely across the street. He decided to go a lil to low and I assume wasn't paying attention to the fast white speed triple. I simply braced for shock because I knew I was gonna feel it a lil bit. I didn't look back to see what became of his fate but I don't think he made it.
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You should be glad it wasn't superman, or you would be dead. I hit a bird with my car once under similar circumsatnces. I am glad it hasn't happened on the bike that might hurt a bit, glad you are ok.
I was coming into Kenilworth a while ago doing roughly 100km/h and a Galah(native Australian bird)flew out and got me fair in the chest.It fn hurt pretty bad and winded me,had to stop the bike and recuperate for a while.I seem to attract the wildlife as i have hit a Kangaroo doing 120km/h before and survived,don't know how. ;D
A local Yamaha tech a few years ago was on a back road in the Central PA area and come over a small rise and met with a Turkey Buzzard (imagine a turkey at about 10-12 lbs). Knocked him off the bike. OWW. Be glad it was a small pigeon.
I had a friend hit by a deer on a gravel road ridin a cb750. Needless to say he wrecked and got some major gravel in his leg.
i had a bird hit me right in the visor riding the park last summer. did a number on my neck and the visor had a few marks on it also. a riding buddy of mine was hit a a turkeybuzzard near w.v. he crested a hill and caught it when it flew off a raod kill right in the front of his bike and then into his chest. those are some LARGE birds i hope i never run up on one?

Another bird you don't want to get hit by is one of them terridactols,scary f*#kers those ones.
Bucket ;D
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