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Is there a way to reset Check Engine Light?

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Can this be done without taking it to the dealer or using a TuneBoy? Got a code after washing the bike and I removed the negative battery cable for a few seconds to try and clear code, but the light stays on.
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Three cold/hot/cold cycles should see it go off unless the problem is ongoing.
Cool! Thanks for the info.
The errror code should still stay in you computer, so when you get a service from your dealer you should just have them check it out/clear it then.
Depending on the code, most will be kept in memory for about 40 cycles, then it will be erased.
After spending way too much time researching, I figured out that TuneECU lets you reset the service indicator. You need a Bluetooth OBD2 sensor (got one for $22 from Amazon), but I was able to pick up both the app and a sensor for under $35. For those who want step-by-step instructions, I wrote a blog post with step-by-step instructions:
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What is this TuneECU that you speak of?
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