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Itchins back

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Ok, first off, it's good to be talking to you guys again. I missed ya. You are all full of poo, but hey, are'nt we all. As near as i can figure, i got the boot cause they are all jealous of my superior intellect, got together and blackballed me. It could have been the (trim comment) or the (wife speak comment) or any number of things. Tek, if you read this, i apologize for coming unglued on you, dont get hurt. I really dont know what i did, just cant use rat anymore, no warning just gone. They still have me down on the member listing though. I tried both administrators twice, no way to get through to them cause they want me to login now and i cant. Hey cheap, whos mitch? Any way, its good to be back. Havent been able to post here to much, between 3 booger machines, overtime,1ST shift its hard to get time on the comp. Got about 1200 on the speedy so far. Later
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sorry if I said Mitch, I meant Mick Maguire. He's been cool everytime I've dealt with him. I'm really curious as to why you got the boot, I may contact Mick myself and see if he can find out! ;)
Man, Mick is quick! Got a email back from him in less than an hour! Mick said ya need to contact Shawn. Here's the message Mick sent me...

Hi Brad, I seem to remember him getting banned but don't remember why. Shawn
does the banning, I never ban; as far as I see it its up to him, the site
belongs to him. Tell itchin to email shawn at [email protected].

Wondered where the hell you got to. ;D
Thanks a bunch cheap, you are a standup guy. My mistake, you did say mik. Anyway, just flew a kite to the webmaster via the link you gave me, we'll see. Asked him if i was banned and why, asked for some feedback, asked for a way back in and promised to be good. (That last part went way against my grain). I'll ask once and if that dont work then i guess i'am out. Hey limey, how ya doin. By now ya figured out where i went. So, we will see what happens, i will keep you posted. Did you contact beefjeniuos for me? I'am real happy with this site so it wont be a great loss. Later.
Who was supposed to contact beef?
Well, i asked the cheapbastard to get ahold of beefjenious for me. He sent me a personal thru but i could,nt get back with him cause i either got the boot or screwed somethin, i dont know. Anyway, just did'nt want the guy to think i ignored him.
hey itch'n quit 'cher bitch'n! ;D I contacted beef and told him the situation. I sent him a pm, so I guess he got it. He hasn't responded. See, you're already trying to start trouble! ::)
Once again i'm confused by this whole situation.
I'am ok,,I'am ok.
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