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All sounds good how much $$$$, the Daytona motor takes stupid amounts of advance without any signs of knock.. The only time I had a problem was with some crap fuel and you could here it as plain as day.
Road riding, the motor tells you when things are not right. You just need to understand the signals. Knock is a load related so rpm figures are usually slow.
1 second at 10’000 rpm is 166 revaluations per cylinder, by the time you hear a problem it’s already doing damage. This is why if you here knock or pinking get off the gas straight away it’s killing the motor.

A Top fuel dragster motors that revs to 7000 rpm only does 525 revulsions in a 4.5 second qtr mile pass. That’s not a lot of revulsions but the damage can be devastating.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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