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K&N install

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Just installed the K&N. Like everybody else have said, the fit was poor. The rear part was distorted and I heated it with hot air gun and pulled it straight. Even then it did not quite drop in like the stock filter.

I also downloaded a new tune with slightly leaned cruise region. The fuel consumption at steady speed seems to be down quite nicely according to the onboard computer.

Has anybody dynoed the K&N and stock filter? I just got a pretty good deal and on my previous bike (bandit 1200) the k&N flowed so much more I had to tune the carbs all over.
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Just putting in the K&N should lean it out just a bit...if you leaned it out VIA tuning even more, it may be too lean..
Additional airflow will only effect the top end, and only if the engine needs/wants the extra flow.

As you make more power, it helps more and more.
I also have a K&N. It was warped so bad they sent me a new one. So +1 to them for that. Afterwards they expected me to send them the old one back, on my dime. -1.

Sorry, no dyno run.
Fixing the warpage was a one minute job but I cannot praise the quality of the K&N. It was about half the price of the BMC though. The filter media and flow should be about the same.

The base tune was 20102TuneDyno (20088 with sai). I leaned the 2500-5000rpm with cruise throttle (4-20%) depending on speed. Seems to run ok.
Stock airfilter:

K&N airfilter:

I returned the K&N to the shop where I had bought it and they send it back to K&N. The dealer received the improved 1050 filter just a few days ago. Going to pick it up this week. Hope its straight!!!!
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My "improved" one was straiter but it doesn't begin to fit as well as the stocker.
Did you use the o-ring from the stock filter? I dropped mine in and it fit poorly. Looked at it and realized that it had no o-ring, so I used the one from the stock filter and it fit much better after that.
Oh yeah. It just doesn't feel like it seats as well as the stock one. I can still wobble it a bit.
This is the warp issue (and the one I sent back):

Mine was replaced also. The new one fits, being less warped but just able to fit.
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That was the case here also. I heated it and pulled it straight. It was ordered from Germany and returning it would have cost money and no guarantee that the new one would have been better.
HarriS said:
I heated it and pulled it straight.
I was concerned that the material might be a thermoset, so I didn't try heating it. I guess it wouldn't have hurt to try, but I have a way of screwing things like that up. Next time I have it out I'll have to see if I can straighten it out the rest of the way.
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