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kuhlka I cannot find the post on this subject but you asked who made the turbo kit and the answer to your question is yes
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Racecomp and TurboConnection make turbo kits. Were you asking me for the links?
Thats the supercharger kit. I found that a year ago. I'm confused.
Oh ok. Sorry, I got confused. Have you had any problems with it? How easy was it to install, etc.
That was the low mount turbo kit, basically a copy of Wayne McDonald’s turbo kit.
Our new kits are nothing like that any more. They are a high mount turbo. No oil pump issues and a different turbo is now used on these kits.

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trx900 said:
The first kit ran a ihi turbo like Wayne does which I found gave good low-down response but tended to strangle the top end, plus with the small turbo the inlet temperature was too high so I converted it to run a garret turbo which is what racecomp is now running, as all the information I learnt I gave to racecomp, like racecomp said the new setup is completely different.
WHats the chance of giving thespeedtriple one of those kits to test out? :afro:
Dunno about giving, but I'm sure he'd let you buy one to try out, lol.
kuhlka said:
Dunno about giving, but I'm sure he'd let you buy one to try out, lol.
dammit dont ruin my pitch..... I have a chance here... or maybe not.. :afro:
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