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Laguna, Who's going.

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Deb and I are! Just got the new shirt from Laguna and what the Fuck, Last years hat?


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there's a cool Mexican restaurant on Carmel Valley Rd about half way between Carmel Valley Ranch GC and HWY1. It's got a great outdoor eating area and a sort of "highway bar" motif if I remember correctly. Lots of stuff on the walls. I sat outside there one day about 3 years ago after playing golf at Carmel Valley Ranch and had many beers and an eventual sunburn.

Any idea of the name of the place?
Can't think of it but Damn that sounds good!

I'll email my buddy who lives there and find out.

The place is called Baja Cantina on Carmel Valley Rd.
Me. And Carmel Valley Rd. is da bomb.
TrplGrl said:
Me. And Carmel Valley Rd. is da bomb.
hey TrplGrl.....long time. So you're still :lurking: around here? :wave:
She posts as often as Stever. :wave: :beer:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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