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LED Help

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Ok, so I don't think I have enough complications in my life. I want to do a custom taillight/turnsignal deal.

My plan is to drill out the underside of the tailsection plastics with about 5 holes on each side to put 50 lights in each turn signal. It will extend down the length of the underside, and will be visible from behind.

I have read where the power is split amongst all of the lights in a section. Can someone help me figure out what equipment i would need to make this happen?

Is the bike's electrical output enough to drive 5 leds per rear turn signal at a time?

I was checking out these 3mm dudes:

I will also build one into the rear lip of plastic on the back of the seat for the taillight.


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If you go with LED you will need a resistor or the lights will flash twice as fast.
Faster flashing = better visibility for cagers. It catches attention easier with the faster flash IMO.
I've left mine quicker, out of laziness more than anything ::)
limey said:
I've left mine quicker, out of laziness more than anything ::)
says the guy blowin a trumpet out of his ass.... ;D
new front flashers

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I like Limeys front signals but I would like to see a smoked or clear lens with yellow bulbs or LEDs. I got the S3 inspected and my tech said he would pass it but the intergrated taillight may be flashing to fast for inspection. What resistor do I need to slow that down? Does anyone know of a signal set that is short and LED and has a clear or smoked lens? I am also looking for the factory style connectors for the signals. Sorry I kinda highjacked this thread but it all relates right?

if you shoot them an email he will prob sell ya a relay that slows the flash rate, I got one with the fender kit.
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