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Let`s see where you`re from!!!

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I`m in Southeastern Pennsylvania,USA
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Round Lake, IL USA

Hint: Look left. :wave:
Celina Texas in the house!!!! Yeeeeeeehaw!!!
Worked for me!
I'z beez from King, NC in the good ol' US of A although it's spelt King, around theze parts it's pronounced Kaaaaaaang. ;D

btw, I'm on the map!
Geez! I'm awefull lonely in the south west. :wave:
You should be able to add that Frapper map to the front page easily enough. That would be cool.
St. Paul, Minnesota now, but originally from Austin, Minn. the hometown of :sign7: ;D
La Crosse, WI - former guiness world record holder for most bars on one street!

KC - you need to make it down here for OktoberFest! And a ride or two! Check out Some ppl on the forum there from your neck of the woods, little slower site, but some good info and crazy OT BS!
Dfib, thanks for the tip. I roll through LaCrosse on freight trains several times a week. This summer I'll have to ride the bike down that-a way sometime. I know there's some good roads around the hills and bluffs down there.
DEEEEP South, y'all.
Alabaster, AL

Birmingham area
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