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letting someone dyno your bike?

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So I called the nearest dynojet tuning center turns out it's a ducati dealership around 30mins away...I figured I'd ride my bike up run it on the dyno then head home nice and easy...well I called to make the oppointment and come to find out they want me to drop the bike off the night before and pick it up the next day when it's done...Any thoughts on this? for some reason I don't feel comfortable having someone else fine tune my baby especially if I'm not there...I know most shops won't even let custy's in the back...So is this par for the course at most places or should I look elsewhere...?

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Unfortunately, this is getting to be more and more normal. If they plan on tuning it, ask them if they are going to take on all liabilities for their work and actions. Also, keep checking around for a more open place to work with you.
I would say..... :finger:
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