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LSL Footpegs

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Didn't know there were being made. Pretty cheap too. I hate the stock footpegs.
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Very nice.
But I really don't have an issue with the stock parts - pegs and sets. Especially after powder-coating them textured black.

Why do you not like the stock parts? What size foot do you have? (No jokes about size please)
14E's. My Sidi's dont grip them very well when I ride on the balls of my feet. I've been looking for knurled pegs for a while, but didn't want to buy rearsets. Hell, I'd get dirtbike pegs if they fit!

Talk about snowshoes! ;)

This explains the dislike of the stock footpegs.
It's not too bad most of the time, But I can actually touch the tire with my right boot in left hand corners if my boots slip. Normally not an issue, but if I'm riding in the rain it is. I don't get to pick "good weather" days like most of you. I take any riding day I can get.

Speaking of which, due to unusally warm weather I actually could have went riding yesterday if my bike was put together. I almost did so, but decided It would have been a bad idea. Over excitment + cold tires = sadness. But I REALLY wanted to test my magura 195/ GSXR calipers.
Devious2xs said:

Talk about snowshoes! ;)

This explains the dislike of the stock footpegs.
LOL ya :sign5:

maybe some dual sport pegs for those things :)
Holy smokes, are you the abominable snowman? ;D
AlaskaS3 said:
Speaking of which, due to unusally warm weather I actually could have went riding yesterday if my bike was put together. I almost did so...
I hate you all........ -13 with -20 wind chill here. :tongue2:

Ok I don't hate anyone but old man winter is starting to really irritate me. :violent1:
dfib - but you don't have the heat and humidity of the Deep South either.

Come August, there are days here when it is just too hot and humid to ride with a jacket. I go to the lake a lot then. :violent1:
You would be wrong there my noble southern friend....

Compliments of Old man river (literally in my backyard) it also gets rediculously hot and humid here in the summer, (usually late July). We had 2 weeks last year that riding was all but impossible due to the heat and humidity. 100+ temp and humid to boot. Makes me do squidly things like ride to the store with the sleeves off my Icon jacket and no helmet. Dumb I know.... :violent1: The Mississippi also is the breeding ground for mosquitos that are frankly big enough to breed turkeys flat-footed. :eek:

Some days it appear that I have chosen to live in the worst place in the USA.

The good news is most of the summer is great, the county roads are twisty (hell WI civil engineers couldn't make a straight road if their lives depended on it), and 99% of roads are paved. ;D Good out of the way food is plentiful. And the county south of where I live has started using a new type of asphalt. It has shiny flakes in it, and although I have no idea of the compisition, I can attest to tires sticking to it like glue.

I'm just bitching because it's Feb, and I want to be on the bike and it's even too damn cold to go sit in the garages next to her........

Rant off.... I promise.
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Surely not more than 10 times a day.

Even my flowbench says I was wrong and went too far half the time. No problem, I'll just swap this head with CB's when he visits.
I hate you all....
UK weather has to be the crappiest of all, never really hot 20+ on a good summers day, never really cold never much below -3,4 or 5 in the winter
But always changing mostly windy.
Rant over...
Oh for the French riviera. Just about spot on.
One good point though I do think we have some of the best S3 roads known to man and we get to ride them Spring to Autumn.
If you come to the North of England try the A68 Darlington to and into Scotland. Blisss.

Sorry back to the point I run the LSL rear sets from Jack Lilley. I like the change in position 1 inch up 2 inches back. I didny do the rear light switch mod need to the banjo.
One thing; its really odd to have rigid pegs. It feels a bit too solid; Its just a case of getting use to it though.
I couldn't stand to go higher/further back on my pegs. I REALLY want those LSL units, but if anything a tad lower, maybe 0.5".
They will adjust back to standard postion too. I have mine set to the extreme limit of adjustment as a starting point. They have been on since January but have not yet had a chance to really try them. Crap weather....
lsl's are really nice, upside? you can replace just the bits that are broken if you crash. downside? don't catch your ankle in there while moving the bike around they DONT forgive.. ;D
I have been waiting for my LSL's for over a month now. Company says backorder to dealers.
I just took my LSL's off the Speedy but left the ones on my T100. It has to do wth leg cramping on real old legs and feet-not so bad on my T100 but not so good on my Speedy. Anyhow I have to keep them for my son I think. Quick on and off swap out along with the Tomasselli clip ons- they are cool but hurt my wrists and back so I am back to the Renthals. I was loading my bikes for a trip to Deals Gap and hit the side of my super steel trailer with the LSL on my T100 -ouch-bent the hell out of the aluminum bracket so I took it to my friend at the Barber and he pressed it back true in about 5 min. Nice to have friends like that. But those babies do not GIVE!~ hate to have my ankle in there! Right now I am thinking about nitrous oxide for my T100. Can we talk about twins over here-that other bullshit websit ehas gone so PC and weird I don tknow if I can stand it any more.
Next post -let me tell you about my new Ohlins rear shock on Speedy -later
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Are you guys picking up LSL pegs from local brokers, or ordering online? I don't need full rearsets, but do want pegs with better grip, as my stockers ('04) get too slippery in wet or grease. The Spiegler website isn't terribly helpful.

I got mine from my local Triumph dealer. Any dealer w/ a Spiegler catalog should be able to help you out.

The pegs are the same as on the LSL rearsets, then you pay for an adapter.
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