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Mad Doctor question

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First off I suppose i should buy a virtual round - don't know what happened on the 'other' site but I'm sure it was justified. Anyway, below is a copy of the post I put up on the other site with no replies so I'm hopeing to have a bit more luck here.


Hiya guys, long time no type. I trust you are all well?

I have a quick favour to ask - Please could someone post up a couple of photos of the mad doctor rear light - one with the lights on and one with the brake light on.

I am in the process of building a special using the 1400 motor and love the look of the lights but I need to see how they look brightness wise.

Thanks in advance


PS: if you cant post them up you can mail them direct to - [email protected]
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I have a mad doctor on my S3 (I don't have a dig. camera so I can't take pics). I do not recommend this light to anyone. If you are wondering how bright it is, it's not. I fear getting rear ended at traffic lights at night. The turn signals are brighter than the brake light. The quality of the light is poor, and the directions I received with mine were in all French. The stock connectors were poor, so I used my own. I bought the mad doctor light when there was not much else out to eliminate the fender. The one thing I do like about the mad doctor is the turn signals are adjustable, and wider than integrated signals.

Just say no to the doctor, I even think a few LEDs have stopped working on mine.
I agree Bee, I had one I was gonna put on speedy, but I couldn't git over the poor quality of the light itself, so I never put it on and sold it! You can't go wrong with the one premie and Avi8or has, that is the best looking kit out there IMO. I just have the integrated tail light which works great, but the kit I speak of cleans up the rear end a bit more.
Yeah I got the Mad Doc indicators, shit (oops!) quality.
Wish I'd had the replies before I bought one direct from Italy. Lets just hope they have improved the quality. Not too worried about the connectors as it's going to get re-wired anyway.

Would still like a couple of photos if anyone has some. Thanks again

Gnome, make life much much easier for yourself and ditch the Mad Doc resistors for the indicators. Get a LED flasher relay instead.
Avi8or said:
Gnome, make life much much easier for yourself and ditch the Mad Doc resistors for the indicators. Get a LED flasher relay instead.

The right relay will allow the LEDs to draw less from the charging system and without the resistors, you don't have to worry about heat relates issues and connection corrosion on the resistors.
I'm not sure I agree about the brightness. I think mine is ok. But I still wouldn't advise anyone to buy one. Terrible quality.There is no moisture seals at all on these lights. You only have to get caught in a short downpour and lenses soon collect water.
I will try to send pictures later Gnome.
Thanks guys - luckily the guy who is helping me with the overall build knows a bit about elaectrics etc so he should be able to strip it down and rebuild it with seals and new wiring.

XSPEED - the photos would be good, thanks

Yep. I had the mad doc blinkers. Worst quality I've ever seen. The mechanic who installed them actually asked if they're used and crashed with. Finishing is awful and there's no water insulation.

So I got Rizoma Track01 blinkers and new tail tidy instead. These are VERY nice quality.
GNOME, try these links to photos.
Tell me if you have any probs opening.
They were taken in my garage with lights on and no flash. One came out slightly blurred but you get the gist.
XSPEED - brilliant, just what I was after. Thanks for those I think we will be able to make it work on the special, cant post any photos as it's a long term project 'between other jobs' should hopefully have something close to it around Oct / Nov.

keep it safe and keep it real.

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