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In order to get an idea of what everyone rides, what it looks like, and what modifications have been done, copy and past the below into a reply to this post. This way we all can track what we all ride and what we have done.

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Member name: Devious2xs
Location: Birmingham, AL, USA
Bike model: 1050 Speed Triple
Year: 2005
Color: Scorched Yellow - Charcoal Gray Metallic (custom)

Trident half system
TuneBoy - custom tune.
CRG mirrors
Worked stock header
Worked heads
Cold air kit
Blacked out parts
GSXR brake calipers and master cylinder with Goodridge lines and EBC HH pads.
Pazzo levers

Ohlins rear shock, CRM header and exhaust, Durrani magnesium wheels, 520 chain conversion with light sprockets, wave rotors, more...

Old photos:

New photo:
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Member name: Dfib
Location: La Crosse, WI USA
Bike model: S3
Year: 2006
Color: White
Header clean up per DVS instructions & wrapped
Zard slip-on
Full exhaust ceramic coat
SAI removed
K&N filter
Tuneboy tuning
Custom fender elimination kit with integrated turn signal
+2 on rear sprocket

Suspension, hyperpro front, Ohlins rear, cold air intake, anodized bits, pazzo levers

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Member name: scratch
Location: Houston, TX
Bike model: Speed Triple SE
Year: 2004
Color: black
TORS hi-pipe and Triumph tune
+2 on rear sprocket
EBC HH pads
Eibach springs f&b
Race Tech Gold valves f&b
Sky King sliders
Pazzo levers
3/4" bar risers
SW-MOTECH centerstand
Laminar Lip fly screen
Napolean bar end mirrors
Beaded seat cover

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Member name: kuhlka
Location: Dallas (Plano), TX
Bike model: Speed Triple
Year: 2003
Color: Black (originally silver)

-Zard full system
-DIY Undertail kit using Mad Doctor LED bar
-Lightech 1/4 turn keyless billet fuel cap
-LED front indicators
-black seat cowl
-Corbin CF weave leather seat
-black bellypan
-black radiator cowls
-Puig Alien Streetfighter Cockpit
-front/back skyking frame sliders
-Rizoma Bar Ends & 'Reverse' Bar-End Mirrors
-CF swingarm cover
-1050 grips & throttle tube (shorter turn than 03)
-Pazzo black anodized shortie rota-click levers
-CF tank pad, CF front fender
-CF engine case covers
-Ractech CF frame covers
-Dyno tuning and complete Tuneboy remap
-quick release seat clips
-dual clear Stainless lines
-K6 GSXR600 radial master cylinder
-T595 tail swap, rad guard
-Rizoma billet brake fluid reservoir
-K5 GSXR1000 front end with Racetech internals and springs
-ABM handlebar top triple
-replaced stock guages with Motosighn LED bar and Veypor VR2
-T595 heel guards
-PIAA horn
-Braking Wave rotors
-Roadracing sprocket cover
-Skyking rear axle plugs
-Garmin Zumo 550

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Member name: Chewie
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Bike model: Speed Triple x 2
Years: 2006, 1996
Color: Black, Black
Modifications: 2006, Arrow C/F half system, ZRX1200 mirrors, Pazzo shorties, factory hugger, led indicators, carbon tank protector, LSL Chain guard and tuneboy.
1996 T300 Speed Triple, Tors (SS Sebring 3 into 1), Indicators, Polished Rims, rejetted carbs.





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Member name: Cheapbastard
Location: King, NC USA
Bike model: 1050 Speed Triple
Year: 2005
Color: Scorched Yeller!(read: the best look'n fastest color ;D) :twofinger: to dfib.
Zard slipon - courtesy of Steve Larson
Tuneboy tune - courtesy of Devious
Rear Hugger - courtesy of Zooplancton
Fender eliminator - tail light courtesy of Bsmith222(Brent at newspeed3)
Rizoma Radial Naked mirrors - courtesy of OKCTriple from Trat
lots of powder coated goodies - courtesy of Devious
custom frame sliders - courtesy of Kartstar
Pazzo's shorty style - courtesy of Legman
Modified header - courtesy of Devious
Ceramic coated header and Zard - courtesy of Devious

coming soon: Some sorta aftermarket front signals. Even more powdercoating. ;D And possibly a new handlebar. Hyperpro spring kit front and rear courtesy of Steve Larson. No, I haven't installed them yet, and yes, I am a slack bastard. :violent1: :horse:

Thanks to all that have helped me turn ol' yeller into what she is today! :wave:



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Member name: Hooligan (Graham)

Location: The North Georgia Mountains

Bike model: S3

Year: 2007

Color: Roulette Green

CRGs, TORs, TuneBoy, Tail Light Strobe unit, Heat shields powder coated black, Tidy rad & oil covers, SilverStar head lights, rear hub covers, Powerlet outlet

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member name: Okiesaki
location: Oklahoma city,Ok.
bike model: 1050 speed triple
color: white

mods: tors, tors tune, crg mirrors, rear hugger,homemade fender eliminator,zenon blue bulbs

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Member name: JAYMAN
Location: Horse Shoe,NC
Bike model: Speed Triple
Year: 2006
Color: Black
Modifications: Tuneboy, K&N, Dual Arrow CF slip-ons,pre-cat removed, black fly screen, black seat cowl, CF tank pad, mad dr tail, black heel guards, black radiator covers, Ohlins rear shock.

Modifications to come: Ais plates, Wave rotors, front fork internals.

And I might even ride it some day!!!
Member name: AlaskaS3
Location: Anchorage, AK
Bike model: S3
Year: 2005
Color: Yellow
Modifications: Modified header, Zard slip-on, K&N, SAI blocked off, random GSXR calipers, Magura 195 master cylinder, plate re-locator kit, integrated blinker kit, Sargent seat, CRG lane-splitters, Powder coated many parts (not done yet, more powder on it's way) Tuneboy, CF hugger, CF radiator shrouds, Vortex sliders (for a CBR1000RR), "custom" undertail (ie took it off), LSL footpegs, brighter headlights (forget what kind).

Upcoming: More powder coating, Durrani wheels (black), Possible new gearing (if so 520 stuff)

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Member name: Milq
Location: Fairfield, IL
Bike model: S3
Year: 2006
Color: White
Modifications: TuneBoy, Jard slip on silencers, rear hugger, Tankslappers (paint protection), Corbin seat in carbon fiber (en-route as of May 11), home made taily tidy, Bags-connection tank ring for bag, bar end mirrors (cheapies).
Mods soon to come: SAI removal, precat removal, ceramic coat header, minimal LED signals, frame sliders, modded top triple clamp and maybe some black applied to foot controls.

Photo1 (pre-Jard and busted belly pan)
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Member name: DirtMcGirt
Location:OPA LOCKA
Bike model: s3
Year: 07
Color: BlAcK

Renthal Henry Reed SE :beer:

Bug eyeectomy replace with Acerbis style dual stack mask :pow:

Zip tie speedo job ;D

MIVV exhaust :lh:

Mad Doctor fen. elim kit :jerkoff:

7 dollar mountain bike mirror ;D

Skull wrist band FB Res cover :eek:wned:

and some other shit i forgot and some shit to come :popcorn:

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Ok, no idea how to link a pic, but it's in the Gallery;

-Triumph: Bellypan, Flyscreen, Seat Cowl, Anodised Rad cowls, C/F rear hub cover + axle protector kit
-Rizoma: Fat Bars, 60mm risers, grips(anodised), Reverso mirrors, front + rear brake resevoirs
-Tamburini: C/F frame protectors+hugger+toe-guard
-Pazzo short levers
-Extreme-Tech steering damper + black anodised clamp
-LED mini front indicators
-Beringer Aeronal [front] brakes + Goodridge lines
-Forks: Stripped/rebuilt - completely new internals (gas cartridge system), casings anodised black, legs black nitrided
-BMC air filter
-Top Yoke and wheels stripped and repainted gloss black
-Triangular engine mounting bracket anodised black
-LSL black anodised rearsets
-Exhaust : Headers - pre-cat gutted, ceramic coated inside and outside (black) Black ZARD end-can
-Ohlins rear shock (spring painted black)
-Custom rear undertray and rear light assembly
-Custom lic. plate mount and rear (LED) indicator array

for now anyway.... ;D
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2006 Speed3
-One off shorty Leo pipe mod
-Power Comander
-Renthals for street
-Vortex for track
-Clear Alternatives Tailight

I think that's it? ;)
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Member name: StuckInKansas
Location: Lawrence KS, USA
Bike model: 1050 Speed Triple
Year: 2006
Color: Black

Daytona 675 radial master cylinder,
dual teflon SS brake lines from Goodrich,
coated pistons in factory calipers,
Renthal streetfighter bars (gold),
CRG lanesplitter bar end mirrors,
factory flyscreen and chin,
Acumen digital gear indicator,
flushmount front turn signals,
black radiator cowls,
Skyking frontmount sliders,
Plugged SAI (waiting for tuneboy to remove),
Scottoiler (highly recommended!),
K5 GSXR passenger pegs (some cleaning up),
homebrew ass-ectomy (and itty bitty tag light),
black billet LED rear turn signals w/ red brake lights,
Skyking swingarm sliders,
Blueflame EVO3 cans in stainless,
Zard slip-on (currently running tune for full arrow system),

Coming Soon to a Triple near me...
Tuneboy with custom tune from "Calling all Zard-o-philes" thread,
full SAI removal,
header mods per Devious2xs,
Tankslapper tank protection film (highly recommended!),
520 chain conversion,

Coming not so soon...
BST carbon fiber wheels :jerkoff:,
Ohlins rear shock,
Ohlins fork valving,

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Member Name: Petdirt
Location: Dallas, TX
Bike Model: 1050 Speed Triple
Year: 2007
Color: Black

Fender eliminator kit.
Front and rear LED turn signals.
Sargent seat.
M4 carbon exhaust.
About to put on pro taper bars
Residing : Northern Sussex County , NJ USA
Ride : 2006 Triumph SpeedFour
Colour : Black ( the fastest colour )
Mods : DOT Slick tires
Scorpion pipe

It's not the size of the dog in the fight , it's the size of the fight in the dog. :sign7:
Member name: APtech77
Location: Round Lake, IL USA
Bike model: Triumph Speed Triple
Year: 2007
Color: Metallic Blue
Modifications: Fly screen, belly pan, Seat cowl, CRG LS mirrors, Pazzo levers, Triumph Fat Bar, Triumph hugger, Triumph tank protector, knee slappers, Skyking front mount sliders, GSG Moto alt cover slider, GSG Moto clutch cover slider, GSG Moto axle sliders, Beowulf radiator cover, homemade fender eliminator, Blue Flame Ti EVO3 slipons.



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Member name: Kcjones
Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota
Bike model: Triumph Speed Triple
Year: 2006
Color: Blue

Zard full exhaust
Tuneboy running Avi8or's Arrow tune moddified by Devious
CRG Lane splitter mirrors
GSG Moto passenger pegs and brackets
Clear Alternatives integrated taillight
Homemade fender eliminator
Carbonfiber hugger/chain guard

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