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In order to get an idea of what everyone rides, what it looks like, and what modifications have been done, copy and past the below into a reply to this post. This way we all can track what we all ride and what we have done.

Member name: AnthonyL
Location: Raymore, Missouri
Bike model: Speed Triple 1050
Year: 2007
Color: Black
Modifications: Werkes Slip On
Fender Eliminator



1999 Trophy 1200, 2007 Speed Triple
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Member name: LamontGrady
Location: Cleveland, Ohio USA
Bike model: speed Triple 1050
Year: 2007
Color: black
Modifications: PO put Rizoma grips, replaced with Oxford Heaterz Evo, Rizoma mirrors, replaced with Triumph bar-end mirrors (had to grind a notch in the handlebars), Rizoma front turn signals, it turns out the thing that says "must be used" are not load resistors, they prevent the LEDs from burning out after you smugly replace the flasher with an LED compatible one, so replaced with cheapy Cycle Gear Speedmetal LED Micro Diamond.
PO put SC Project high mount CF cans on it, can't complain!
PO provided a Power Commander V since he had never heard of TuneECU so that is installed with an Autotune at-200 but I still have to get the 18mm wide band O2 sensor bung welded on. Might as well see what the Autotune thinks of the a/f ratio. I also install a thumb switch (some people commandeer the horn switch) so the Autotune is only active and generating data when the button is switched so you can have it listen to "pulls" rather than decel and engine braking etc, solves the bigger complaints about PC stuff I think).
SAI removed
Sargent seat I'm trying to talk myself into returning, wish it had a bigger pilot area
OES frame sliders
Front brake mc replaced with 2010 Yamaha R6, nice upgrade. Have the calipers to match but trying to wait until Winter to do anything more to keep me from riding it. EBC hh pads at the ready. Have Michelin Pilot 5 tires to put on also.
Wolo Bad Boy 419 horn
Oxford/REAX tank bags, wtf plastic tank!! I've had the same all-purpose Built $60 tank bag for ages and was flabbergasted when it didn't stick to the bike to carry all my stuff when I had to ride it 350 miles home from seller!
Added a cheapy licence plate holder and rear ts since the PO had just the turn signals in brake light thing and the "tempt the cops" illegible license plate situation.

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive fuel system

Photo2 - coming soon, currently apart for plugs, sai removal, installing a GIANT horn, and new wiring for front turn signals.
661 - 662 of 662 Posts