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I recently bought a pair of Motrax bar end mirrors, to replace my Napoleans.
I had heard the Motrax are just a cheap knock-off of a CRG, although they certainly look very similar. A couple of bumps and a setscrew round the outside of the glass show that they're not exact copies. The internal expanding collar/clamp is a bit cheap, but the CRG's, as I recall, were a real pain to use. I'm just using the clamp around the outside of the bar this time, which works well.
So far I am very happy with them. I was warned, and I think I read, to make sure the set screw that holds the glass in is kept tight (loctite). Altho' it's been a while since I had CRG's on my Hawk, I really think these are pretty darn close in quality, and the same in function. At $59 for the pair, as opposed to $65 each for CRG's, I'm happy.
BTW rather than buy online, from a picture, I wanted to have a good look at them before I bought them, and found them at Cyclegear in West Palm Beach.
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Very cool. Saving money is always cool IMHO.
A little Locktite goes a long way.

I never had issues with my LS CRGs.
The stock mirrors have virgin threads and I've had the Motrax mirrors on since day one.
Over a year now and no problems to speak of.
I've seen many mirrors on the market, but I bought CRG's cause I had them in the past. I get scared ordering stuff that's cheaper if I've never seen it before, but now that someone else risked it....
I'm a big fan of seeing stuff n person. Luckily, we have some fairly good stores in SoFla, so one can usually see the thing in person. I'm happy with the new-style factory mirrors in my Speedy, but I've seen those motrax at Cycle Gear. Nice.
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