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So I finally got around to getting a cable and looking into the tune on my bike. It’s an 09 with dual arrow exhaust ,k&n filter and functional sai. The tune on the bike was 20238

1050 Speed Triple standard exhaust with catalyst secondary air injection (SAI)
I had suspected the bike was running on the lean side due to jerky low speed throttle. I down loaded the ”proper” tune for the bikes setup 20537 (Use with Triumph or Arrow high aftermarket silencer with secondary air injection. Fuel up to E25.
Minimum 95 RON (89 RON/MON) fuel).
The bike is noticeably smoother at low speed cruising, no jerky throttle over bumpy roads at low throttle, but seems down on power on hard pulls. I started looking to see what and how much the tune changed and realized the tune made for the arrows actually takes fuel out between 10-25% throttle and only adds more at the very top of the rpm range. The big change was to the L table where it added fuel to the low end. I’m assuming that’s where the correction to the throttle snatchiness happened. So I’m going to try the dual arrow with no sai tune 20535 which adds more fuel in the F tables more similar to the previous tune I had plus more at the very top end but the L tables look like my original tune also, so all that being said, if I like the way the 20535 feels as far as power but the low speed snatching comes back can I just use the L tables from the 20537 and the F tables from 20535? I’m assuming since the bike switches back and forth depending on throttle position relative to rpm that the two would function fine independently of each other, or can I create a problem where the transition isn’t smooth because the values are too different?
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