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modifying my bike....

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Where's the carbon fiber?
Brian, how's your wife after the crash? They throwing the book at that guy?
nice bike! how do you like the rear shock?
my wife is feeling good just a little tenderness in the knee. it remains to be seen if he gets the book and i like the rear shock :afro:
Nice bike briank. I just picked up a '07 Trek 6500 myself. It's a hardtail with a TPC lockout front fork. I really like it. I've found bicycling to be the most exciting way to exercise.
Now where can we fit that motor. :afro:
ah yes bicycles, my favorite thing to do besides ride my speed triple.
I actually ride for Evil Bikes. Anyone heard of us? Company is out of Lemonster MA but known pretty much everywhere. Ethirteen is a co-company with evil, they make some nice components. Check me out if you like
okay so now that i'm done promoting for evil.... :smiley-asskiss:

wtf are you doing riding that beat-ass Mongoose if you ride for Evil?!? c'mon, dude - Triumph stickers on a big box bike? eeewww!

btw - i am also a bike snob...i'm production manager for Industry Nine

...and i ride a knolly
noo no its not my mongoose you are mistaken
whoa. my bad.
geesh i am just looking to take some casual family bike rides with the wife and kids. didn't mean to start a bicycle debate :twofinger:
you're right - that was a tad harsh. :afro: enjoy it no matter what i say! people say i'm a dick.
Yeah, I know Evil and E13 really well. I have an E13 DRS on my Santa Cruz Bullit nicest chain guide out there in my opinion.

Sorry about the crap photo, taken with my phone, I was in a hurry to get out and ride.

no hard feelings here i wasn't trying to sound like a dick. nice bullit by the way i used to have one, cool bike.
Thanks Kman. Just put the Fox 36 Van RC2's on there with the chain guide and Hope Mono 6 ti's about 6 months ago. Makes a kick arse play bike in my opinion.

For those that don't know mountain bike parts these brakes are freakin unbelievable. Six piston, monoblock calipers, titanium pistons with ti nitride coating, floating discs with and aluminium centre. Looks like something off a gp bike.

Now all I need is an S3 to go in the garage beside the Bullit and Chameleon....

I used to race downhill @ plattakill. I used to know Todd S. from IronHorse. I live in CT and used to ride with this guy Chris Firth who got fired from mountain bike fiction (I mean action). I went for a ride one time in mass after seeing Dropkick play on st.pats. years ago. Kman did you have some crazy SUV looking moonrover thing? I remember someone being from evil I think. Evil makes good shit.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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