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more pics - custom exhaust !

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eh lads.
i finally got some more shots of these new exhausts...

see in members gallerly >>;cat=4

i love these pipes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mongo :beer:

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Hmm, HMV comes to mind. :popcorn:
Pics look bad-ass in black&white. Nice.
sweet mate
Really nice to see something done that is more custom. Looks great.
That looks really good mongo :drink:, did you do the fab work? If not can we ask where it was done?
Now that's a look I like! Polished, high-mount, reverse megaphones. More details if you would...
cheers lads :drink:

cheap. ill try and upload some vids for some idea of sound.
at first they seemed f***ing loud. not so much now but i think thats cause my hearing has deteriorated substantially since!!!
they sound amazing powering through the mountains !!!!!!!!
think i got a good gain through the whole mid range, the front lifts up a bit more at the peak of the midrange than stock. but ive still gotta get an air filter & ecu done.

limey. whats HMV ?

dfib. i had them made up at pipemasters, brisbane australia.
i believe they ship products throughout the world...

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Looking good mate. :eek:wned:

Did they come up with a new clamp for the front or do they use the stocker?

they just used the stock clamp.

he was talkin about making up a little shield to go over the connection.
but i dont mind it looking pretty raw. the only thing is that ive taken off the pillion pegs and my boots melt onto the midpipe......

- again i gotta give the credit to AA mr amberale. i pretty much flogged his idea for the pipes... cheers mate ! :pow:

mongo :horse: :horse: :horse:
Im not that into the exhaust... a novel idea though and i respect that. That look a lil bit like the D&D exhaust mega phones on my bonneville? Loud?
nm3holer said:
Now that's a look I like! Polished, high-mount, reverse megaphones. More details if you would...
+10 :eek:wned: :violent1:
They look like polished stock Bonnie cans. Any truth to that? Did those inspire you to go this route? They look good on the bike, how do they sount? I know that the Norman Hyde peashooters sounded awsome on my Thruxton, so I am curious as to how these sound on a triple.

where can i post a video easily enough???

you gotta hear these !

F*#k yeah,gives me wood,very hot. ;D
I e-mailed 'pipemasters' three days ago asking for pricing and shipping info. No reply. Then the new JC Whitney motorcycle catalogue shows up in the mail and what do I find? Shorty (18inch), reverse megaphone, chrome, seamless mufflers made by EMGO. $42.99 each with free shipping on items over $75.00. So for an outlay of $86.00- plus $6.99 for extra 15" X 19" muffler insulation- it looks like the Pipemaster look could be replicated on the cheap. Hmmmm.
I received a reply from Pipemasters this morning. They quoted $900.00 US delivered for a pair of their reverse megs. A little rich for my blood. I think I'll take a chance on the pair of Emgo shorty reverse megs for $86.00 delivered. If I'm dissatisfied I've got 90 days to return them to JC Whitney for a full refund.
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