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More Power for 07

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The new Speedy has a wee bit more power than the last years model.

However, I assume that is gained by a tune/tweak of the ECU?

(Unless they did something with the internal which seems unlikey).

So, just a matter of downloading the latest tune into your bike. (Or doing your own tune via T/Boy).

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The 2007 uses a new ECU with "improved" mapping. I don't know just how different the new ECU is from the 05/06 unit, or if the 2007 maps will work.

This "new generation" ECU may be as simple as a software update that MAY be upgradeable to the 05/06 models. Then again, it may not.
The cycle world "Tiger" article states that the new second generation Keihin has many benefits over the previous unit fitted to 05-06 1050 Triumphs. Theses include more memory (doubled) that allows it to run more maps and therefore features more sophisticated fueling strategies.
The article also states that "The ECU now knows how long it has been since the engine was last run and adjusts it's strategy accordingly. Hot and Cold starts are improved significantly." Whereas the previous-generation software needed 1.5 seconds of cranking the new system only needs 0.4 of a second. We have also improved transient fueling control, giving better driveability, reduced emissions and reduced fuel consumption."
The article states that the ECU is already used on the Daytona 675 and will be fitted to all 07 1050 bikes.
This was all in the November 06 Cycle World in the Tiger article..

07 parts files have been released for Triumph except the Tiger. The ECU has a new part number for 07 and is about $1500.
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lowgloss said:
07 parts files have been released for Triumph except the Tiger. The ECU has a new part number for 07 and is about $1500.
Lowgloss - thanks for the info. $1500?!!! BWWWAaaahahhahahahhaaaa!

For the same money you could go with a Motec or Panther engine management system.

What a bunch of Maroons! (in my best Bugs Bunny immitation)
I wish they had stayed with the Sagem mc 1000 ECU..... Simple and easy to use with TunBoy........ :'(
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