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Most cost effective 1050 engine mods

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With all of the discussions about engine mods and power, I thought I would post (again) some of the results I had with different mods and what I would suggest.

First is an aftermarket exhaust or Triumph Off-Road Silencers and tune. This takes a stock bike from 112-113 hp to 117-118 hp. A good flowing and cheap set of silencers are the best bet here.

Next is Tuneboy or Power Commander. IF you can get someone to loan you a Tuneboy cable, The key only costs US $150 and can make 124-125 RWHP with the above mods when using the 10088dyno_39 tune. [ ]

Next is the removal of the precat and clean up in the stock header. If you can weld (or have it done cheaply) this is worth several hp throughout the powerband and costs very little. Ceramic coating and/or wrapping the primaries also greatly reduces the heat radiated into the radiator and airbox.

Last is an aftermarket filter - K&N, BMC, or DNA - only worth 1-2 of hp on the top end, but it is an easy 1-2 hp.

On the 2007 bikes, getting your hands on a mid-pipe from a 2005-2006 bike will replace the catalyst in the 2007 mid-pipe. Anyone that has a full or half exhaust system will have this mid-pipe and not be using it. You MAY be able to pick up one cheap.

These mods should have you at the 126-128 rwhp level.

Intake clean up - See the thread on this site about the work required here. But if you can handle this, it is worth 1-2 hp on the top end.

This is NOT the end-all, be-all word on this subject, but I hope it helps.
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and can make 124-125 RWHP with the above mods when using the 10088dyno_39 tune.
Wow, I didn't expect those #'s with the exhaust and one good tune. Is that a modded PC tune or one of Wayne McDonald's?
The 10088dyno_39 tune above is a Tuneboy tune available to all. (I use it).

I believe you can tweak this to be even better if you have access to Dyno.

The tune with or without SAI can be found at

You may need to register to download these files.
Cool, just noticed the filename format didn't follow Tuneboy's format on their website.

I'm really thinking this should be my next purchase. For now I want to go with proven tunes, access to a dyno is tough here in the cornfields.

I think I'm still paranoid about warranty issues also. My dealer seems cool, but dunno how he'll react if he knows I've been remapping at home. I'd just really hate for something stupid to happen to the bike and have it kicked back because of the tuneboy (even if it isn't related).
Dealer won't know?

Save the stock tune and if necessary, reload it.

*Revived from the dead!*

It seems that the results from TightTL back up this early thread.

With a Trident Half system (and a little clean up)
A TuneBoy key and a downloaded tune.
A BMC air filter.
Header work - Precat/baffle removal, flange clean up, ceramic coating.

The results are right on target (~129 rwhp, 79 ft-lb of torque):
This is a BIG improvement over stock, and notice how the torque curve is very flat, but that the engine is a bit rich in the low rpm area; the torque in this area could be improved a bit more with some tuning. :)

Way to go Fred!
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Did you just say Way to go Fred!? The only things I did myself were install the BMC air filter, remove the exhaust system, and reinstall the exhaust system. I ordered the Trident CF half system, had a HD dealership remove the precat, weld the exhaust back up, grind the welds smooth, port the header, clean up the Trident half system, and send everything off to be ceramic coated. When it was finished I reinstalled the exhaust system and went to Fredericktown Triumph for a TORS tune. I then borrowed Devi's TuneBoy cable and installed one of his tunes and Ka Pow it runs like stink. I'd love to take credit for this but all the hard work and research was done by others while I rode their coattails.
And how many guys are still stock?
How many are all bling and no ZING? ;D

It sounds like you have gone farther than 99% of S3 owners. The info is put here to encourage others to copy it, and maybe even take it to the next step. :wrench: :wrench: :wrench:
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