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Motor Swap?

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Any idea if I could swap out my motor for a Daytona 955i and then load a Daytona Tune to my computer?
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02/05 motor will fit straight in no problems, header pipes, oil cooler and air box with K&N filter from the Daytona is all you need. The ECU is the same.
Fit a tune like MM3 with 17/45 gearing and you will have a really powerful naked bike. Once the mod is finished with that set-up you would have 137rwbhp to start with. A few more little mods will give you 140+rwbhp and headwork, cam timing and some little tweaks will see you with 150+rwbhp.
The Daytona motor is a real usable street fighting motor with power on tap everywhere. ;D ;D ;D ;D
kuhlka Daytona engines swap is easy to do just put it in and a good map and wheel stand into the distance. when you do the conversion e-mail me and I will send you a map that should see you have close to 140 hp good luck. ;D ;D ;D ;D
Would I really need a Daytona oil cooler or would my current one work?
You would need the Daytona oil cooler and lines, they are different.

Daytona motor




must have it!
You need it, you must have it!!!! A weekends work and she is back on the road................... 17/45 gearing is joy with a standard motor and a good map ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

There is nothing like the look on a GIXR 1000 rider when he guns it away from a set of lights and your still by his side, he will have you on the top speed over 260k but so what!!!!

Be careful first time out on the change over motor, it will spit you off if you wrist it hard……. Get the feel of the power delivery. The rear wheel spins up on the track easy but it’s fully controllable and not nasty at all. You will still have awesome midrange power; the bonus is it just keeps going.

It’s a good choice, once you have done it you will never look back. Well only to see what you have just left behind. The potential in the Daytona motor is far better than that of the Speed Triple, you can have 140+ rwbhp out of the bag with a few simple mods and with some head work and a few more mods you will get to the magic 150+ of street rideable, usable and reliable power……….. Yes you do need that motor
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Ok, Autumn is open to the idea as it'll give me a chance to do a major project in the garage with the foster kiddies so I'm thinking I'll go for it. However, I may have to decide between a 42" LCD HD TV or the motor... gah! Gaming or bike?!?!

The bike already launches like crazy with a 17/45 gearing and only 113hp. I can only imagine what it'd do with 130+hp plus some mods...


I can't decide!
Oh, and any idea if there are any aftermarket headers out there? Could I possibly chop my stock S3 header (use the stock mounts to the motor and get some mandrel bent stainless to make my own custom header)?

Also, is the airbox really different than my S3? This is going to get really expensive if I have to get a different airbox, air filter, header, etc etc. They want $999 for the motor.
Hi everybody I am new to triumphs I just picked up a 04 daytona that is damaged and i will convert to a speed triple, i would like some advice racecomp or anybody else, how hard is it to get 150 hp out of this engine and what modifications do I have to make to achieve this thanks mad3
Well, it looks like the company selling that motor in Akron is taking off more and more pieces so that it isn't looking affordable. I'll just have to keep my eyes open and maybe down the road an 05 or 06 motor will show up.
Might do the one in Florida, but thats a long way to travel if the thing turns out to be blown. Any way to check when I get there to make sure the thing isn't fried?
Also, the guy in Florida has the complete setup including the headers so I'll be ready to run without having to buy a bunch of extra crap. If I can swing the cash, I'm on it!
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