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Multi-use of the Tuneboy

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I have a 2003 Speed Triple and the Tuneboy w/cable. But, I am planning on purchasing a 2003 Tiger on Saturday.
Do I have to pay up full price to Tuneboy once again, in order to use Tune Edit etc. on the Tiger?
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My understanding is that you need to purchase just another license.

Ie Hardware = for every bike

Software license fits only one bikes via it's ECU

To use your Tuneboy on another bike you need to buy another key - $199 AUD from in the "Buy Now" section.
Thanks for the info. Just another licence/code entered into the same software program.
Sounds good to me. Although, I hope it won't cause any conflict.
No conflicts.
HiVel bought a key for his bike. I used it on my laptop to install a tune in his bike without issues. They key just allows you to talk to the ECU. You don't even select between the two (or more) keys when switching back and forth between bikes.
Thanks Devious.
Did you upgrade to theTuneboy 3.0 USB?
I have the USB cable and the latest update is version 3.1.00 which allows you to set the speedo correction, the idle rpm, and adjust the TuneEdit window size with Kehein ECU's. You need to download the updates from every so often.

I have a 2005 Speed Triple (my first Triumph) so I never had the serial cable.
Hey Devi, does it cost you to dowload the updates from tuneboy?
The software and updates are free -
The cost is in the cable and/or keys.
The stock tunes for the whole Triumph range are also free.
The good thing is that the free software allows you to play around with it on your PC.
And if the proggie confuses you, you could demonstrate it to your local tuning guru before you commit to buying the cable and key.
Personally I tried a few tunes but am happy with and have stuck with Wayne's, and done a few mods re speedo correction and idling.

By the way Dev I've finally nailed the cold starting issue. I jab the starter with the throttle opened about a quarter inch. Close throttle and she then fires up immediately on the next jab.
You have definately had harder starting issue than I have. From the base 20088 tune, I settled on a slight correction to prime pulse, and a slight change to the low throttle/low rpm cells. My bike starts with no throttle within 2 revolutions - first time.

The plugs look great even after idling for 10-15 minutes.

This MAY be due to the intake work on mine (more air at low rpm?), but I can send you what I have altered. it may also be due to atmospheric differences between where we both live, but mine still starts well in the cold.

Have you looked down your throttle bodies for build up on your intake valves?

Each of these bikes seems to have personalities and differences.
Thanks for the input Dev. BTW glad to see you back. Quite frankly this forum was getting a bit stale without your input.
Well I'm using Wayne's 20088 tune with the prime pulse set at 12800 and the 0 TPS cells at 700, 1000, and 1100 rpm set at -3% as per your suggestions. Any updates for these settings?
I'm a glutton for any info/suggestions/settings you can pass along....:)

I can't really complain about starting, now that it's a bit colder over here bike starts after max 4-5 turns when cold and instant when warm/hot. Much much better than with the stock tunes.

Haven't really looked down the inlets, but will do next time I lift the airbox.
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