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my ride through portugal, spain, france and andorra

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supa sweet!

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dang dude, that looks freak'n awesome! Have I ever mentioned just how damn jealous I am of you? :mad:
Those pics are great. I love that part of the world, haven't been for a couple of years but the pics got me thinkin' of a trip soon.
hey, scorch. that pic with the black bull on the side of the road, i know they prob have a few of them in spain but I remember something like that when i did a ride from Marbella through Rhonda across to Jerez and back down the coast via cadiz. didn't happen to be in that area did it? long shot but you never know.
No, I wasnt in marabella. These bull things are everywhere, they are icons for a wine company. I forget what. They also have them in mexico i think.

Next year, im doing a southernly andalusia ride.. :)

Along with a Italia tour :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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